Use this script: Agony Uncle helps you get a better deal

We know many smaller not-for-profits don’t qualify for the JobKeeper or cash boost schemes. So when the Historical Society of Mooroopna got in touch with us to ask what it could do to ease the squeeze, Agony Uncle (aka Chris Borthwick) and the Our Community team came up with a stack of suggestions on how it could reduce costs, boost income and win support.

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Free webinar: Flattening the curve of mental ill-health

12:30 pm AEST, June 11, 16 and 19

Prevention United – which promotes mental wellbeing – is hosting this webinar series to head off a predicted spike in mental health conditions. Topics range from the economic case for prevention to the place of compassion in public policy.

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Webinars you can catch on replay

Our Community hosted these free webinars in the past week, and you can still catch them:

Diversify your fundraising

Engaging with funders during a crisis

Keeping mentally fit during COVID-19

You’ll also find webinars on AGMs, government help, economic impact, workplace changes and much more on the SOS site.

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How to thank your volunteers

We hope you found time to celebrate Volunteer Week last week. Perhaps it got you thinking that thanking your biggest supporters for their help is something you should do more often. Here are 14 ways to act on that impulse, plus links to more great resources.

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Q&A: Dealing with volunteers during the pandemic 

Free exercise program will keep you flexible and focused

Staying healthy is important for your own well-being but also for your work in contributing to your organisation’s mission. Here are a few tips from exercise physiologist Shelly Harper to help you stay in tip-top shape.

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COVID-19 news from the sector

News: Pandemic threat to 230,000 groups

Seventy percent of Australia’s sporting clubs, arts and cultural organisations, community groups, welfare services and youth services have described themselves as “threatened” by COVID in a new national survey by Our Community.

The study, which drew on 366 responses, shows the $146 billion sector is fighting for cash, volunteers and even – for many of the country’s 600,000 organisations – survival.

The COVID-19 Community Sector Impact Survey was held as part of the #GivingTuesdayNow campaign.

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Trusted sources for COVID-19 help

Need information about communications, technology and staying safe online during the pandemic? Check the latest additions to our growing list of trusted sources of information for not-for-profits.

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Introducing the new Fams Network

In light of the significant stress that COVID-19 is placing on services and their staff, the Fams Board has taken the decision to set up a “Fams Network” in place of a traditional membership scheme.

The Fams Network will be available free to all TEI funded services who align with Fams’ values and will enable participants to access all our electronic materials and receive newsletter and regular updates.  Consequently no membership renewal invoices will be sent this year, instead, all existing members will be automatically subscribed to the Fams Network.

For organisations and individuals who would like the opportunity to vote at the AGM, become a member of the Board and participate in the strategic direction of Fams, a new membership option will be set up.  More information on this will follow in the next financial year.

Fams would like to acknowledge the amazing contribution our members have made to the organisation and welcome everyone to our Fams Network.

R&DVSA Vicarious trauma training

Workers who are exposed to traumatic events from those who have had that experience (vicarious trauma), witnessing the trauma experienced by others (Secondary Traumatic Stress) or directly experiencing events where they are in danger (PTSD) can all experience trauma impacts.

Fams has negotiated a discount rate of $30 per person with R&DVSA to provide a one hour e-training module to support workers who may have experienced trauma.

This on line workshop will assist frontline workers in identifying the impacts of vicarious trauma, as well as reflecting on evidence-based strategies which can support individuals in offsetting impacts.

Registrations will be open from 1 June.  To register, visit

Once your registration is received, you will be sent an email which will enable you to logon and commence the training.  Full details of the training can be found here

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