You are invited to participate in a survey to better understand and coordinate efforts to prevent sexual violence and harassment.

The Department of Social Services has engaged Deloitte to conduct a stocktake of sexual violence prevention initiatives in Australia. As part of the stocktake, the Department of Social Services is interested to understand the role of your organisation and the primary prevention initiatives that your organisation provides.

This survey, facilitated by Deloitte, will focus on information about the sexual violence and sexual harassment primary prevention initiatives at your organisation, including how your initiatives are funded, where they are delivered, who they reach and how long they have been running for.

Following completion of this survey, please feel free to distribute the link to this survey to your colleagues in charge of certain prevention initiatives in your organisation, or to other organisations that you know that engage with the primary prevention of sexual violence or sexual harassment.

For those organisations that we have already consulted with, we thank you for your time. Please include any initiative-specific information in this survey to assist us with the stocktake.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please contact either myself or Cheryl Lorens from Deloitte on If you have any questions regarding the broader project, please contact Ruth Pitt on The survey will close on 12 June 2020.

Please click here to begin the survey.

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