The Stimulant Treatment Program team at St Vincent’s Hospital is testing a new smartphone app (S-Check) designed to help Australians manage their methamphetamine use.

In Australia, one in 70 people have used methamphetamine in the past year.  Harms related to methamphetamine use are increasing. Yet many who are experiencing harm from methamphetamine use do not seek help, or delay seeking help for many years.

To address this, The Stimulant Treatment Program at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney (SVHS) has developed the S-Check App, based on the model of care at its S-Check Clinic. The App aims to be a readily accessible tool for people who might not access regular treatment and support. 

The S-Check App is designed to provide up-to-date information about methamphetamine. Its features allow people to track their use, help identify any associated health problems. It provides links to support services if necessary.

How it works

The key features of the S-Check App are questionnaires, reminders, alerts, information, and regular check-ins to track ongoing health. Individual health assessment is made through six key categories:

  • Physical Health
  • Methamphetamine Use
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Sexual Health
  • Cognitive Health
  • Social Health & Lifestyle

In each category, App users will be asked to respond to a series of questions about them and their methamphetamine use. The App will evaluate responses and provide individualised feedback on methamphetamine related risks and harm, as well as suggestions on how best to manage use. App users will be provided with relevant information and support should they need it.

Other app features

The S-Check App provides interactive tools for people to discover more about methamphetamine and track their use over time. There is a journal section where people can save photos, audio and words to document their experiences. An achievement section is also available to mark their progress. More importantly, users can access to the ‘Help Now’ section with a list of emergency and support services should urgent help be required. Finally, if the App assesses that the users should seek help from a health professional, a referral letter can be generated and downloaded from the App to present to their GP.

Research trial

The App is currently being trialled. If people wish to participate in the trial, the App is available free to download on Google® Play or the Apple® App store.

The trial is open to anyone who reports using methamphetamine in the past month, is over 18 years old, resides in Australia, and has access to a personal smartphone to participate in the study.

For more information on the S-Check App trial, visit or contact Emily Li on

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