Damn Good Advice on Creating a COVID-19-Safe Workplace: A guide for NFP boards and managers

Not-for-profits are currently facing down one of the most challenging times in the past century. If your organisation is going to survive this pandemic, you’ll need some “damn good advice”.

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About the guide

As Australia tackles COVID-19, some parts of the country have been able to “flatten the curve”. For not-for-profits in those areas, that means trying to imagine what a return to the office – or the service centre, the refuge, the op shop, the place of worship, the koala sanctuary – might look like.

The second wave of infections in Victoria and hot spots elsewhere are a stark reminder that until a vaccine is available, returning to the workplace does not mean returning to normal.

This comprehensive guide sets out the steps your organisation needs to take when you’re thinking of bringing your people – your staff, managers and volunteers – back to their usual workplace. Included are template checklists you can tailor that cover:

  • Building modifications
  • Policies and practices
  • Events and meetings
  • Dealing with the public
  • Incident procedures

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