Children and Families

The Life during COVID-19 survey ran from May 1 to June 9 2020 and had 7,306 participants from around Australia. It was the first survey in the Families in Australia Survey series.


Our aim was to understand how Australian families are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the greatest health, social and economic challenges in history.

… Felt like we got abandoned by work to sort out our own arrangements with little to no understanding of maintaining our productivity whilst having young children with us 24/7 …

Male, 45, lives in a major city, household with children

We focused on how families adjusted to the pandemic and the restrictions that were put in place; experienced the social and economic impacts of the pandemic; supported each other, even when they didn’t, or couldn’t, live together; protected their physical and mental health.

Launching the ‘official webinar program’ for National Child Protection Week 2020.

Please find the program schedule HERE to be shared with your communities.  

We would encourage everyone to join the Governor General as he launches the campaign on Monday 7th September.

This National Child Protection week we encourage all community members to engage with these inspiring speakers to learn more about how we can all Put Children First.   

A range of promotional materials are available for the broader campaign HERE

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