Sexual Health

Confidence, Clarity & Contraception Webinar

Registrations are now open for Confidence, Clarity & Contraception Webinar- Tuesday 10th November -10.00-11.30 am.

Contraception is an important and necessary part of life for many. Now more than ever, there are options available to suit everyone for every stage of life. Kaitlyn and Maddy from will unpack the Contraception Kit from Family Planning NSW which contains barrier methods, hormonal, non-hormonal and long acting reversible contraception.

Click HERE to register or

Once you have registered we will post you a pack with some goodies.

Free Condoms

Click HERE to order 144 free condoms for your service from Play Safe Pro or copy and paste the URL

Want to be this excited about stocking free condoms at your service?

*Jenny & Cath at Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre (total legends).

Join 76 other organisations in the Illawarra Shoalhaven and become part of the Condom Dispenser Project(CDP).

The Google map on assists people find your service and access free condoms from the Condom Dispensers, which we install and provide ongoing refills for. All for free!

In the 2019 evaluation of the CDP, 100% of clients had mostly positive comments about the project, and said that the CDP was easy to be a part of and want to remain part of the CDP.

Over 34,900 condoms were delivered in the Illawarra & Shoalhaven in 2019 via the CDP.

Copy & paste the URL if that’s easier to see the location map.

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