Sexual Health


You wouldn’t walk your dog without poo bags.

So why would you have casual sex without a condom?

*whatever kind of sex you’re having, condoms can be used on sex accessories, as an oral dam and /or on a penis… or use them to make glitter earrings.

Click HERE to order 144 free condoms for your service from Play Safe Pro or find your nearest free condoms in the Illawarra & Shoalhaven from Caddyshack Project.


New Blog from Caddsyhack Project now available here.

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International Student Health Hub

The International Student Health Hub includes questions you may have on the Australian Healthcare System linking to accurate & reliable websites.

Find out more about General Practitioners, interpreters & accessing healthcare in Australia.

Please share this months featured page to your network. Want to know more about the Hub? Email us: &

On behalf of the Hub Advisory Group:

  • Belinda Meggitt
  • Helen Rogers
  • Limin Mao
  • Jennifer Farinella
  • Marty Janssen
  • Nusrat Jahan

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