UnLEASH Study Understanding Lesbian, bisexual and queer women’s Experiences of Alcohol, Substance Use and Health

Understanding Lesbian, bisexual and queer women’s Experiences of Alcohol, Substance Use and Health (UnLEASH) will examine lesbian, bisexual, queer and other non-heterosexual (trans and cis) women’s patterns of substance use and related health effects. UnLEASH will also test the feasibility of using the internet to recruit and survey a longitudinal online cohort of LBQ women. UnLEASH is the first longitudinal study to recruit LBQ women online to look at health and wellbeing and the relationship with smoking, drinking and using drugs in Australia.

We have a gorgeous study website https://www.unleashstudy.org.au/ and we are all over the socials! Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Unleash-Study-108975481302654 , Instagram https://www.instagram.com/unleashstudy/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/UnLEASHstudy?s=20 . If you manage any social media accounts, we’d be grateful if you could like and follow us.

Recruitment is now open and we are hoping to promote the study through LGBTIQ+ Health’s networks. I am attaching a document with the study logo, a draft email/newsletter content for participants, suggested social media content and a basic easy to print poster. I’m also sending a few social media tiles (we have more images). Please share the study through your networks. Let us know if you require alternative/additional content for any of your communications channels, please contact the study team via unleashstudy@unsw.edu.au.

Participants will be able to share their experiences via the confidential UnLEASH survey and enter a prize draw to win one of 10 $50 GiftPay vouchers.

You can contact the research team via unleashstudy@unsw.edu.au.

Get Your Kit Together

It’s Bowel Cancer Awareness month and I’m pleased to share with you all that our LGBTQ bowel cancer screening campaign, Get Your Kit Together, is now live! This project is funded by a three-year partnership with Cancer Institute NSW and Get Your Kit Together is the first of several cancer screening and prevention campaigns.

You can follow our Get Your Kit Together social media campaign across ACON social media platforms including our new Can We Facebook and Instagram @canwe.org.au

Our Can We cancer screening and prevention website has also launched: https://canwe.org.au/

You can watch the (very camp and Lycra-clad) bowel screening campaign video on the website homepage. You can read the ACON media release HERE.

Overseas Student Health Cover – International Student Health Hub

The International Student Health Hub includes questions you may have on Overseas Student Health Cover linking to accurate & reliable websites.

Find out more about Overseas Student Health Cover information while studying in Australia.


Please share this months featured page to your network.

Want to know more about the Hub? Email us:

Maddison.Stratten@health.nsw.gov.au & Anju.Devkota@health.nsw.gov.au

On behalf of the Hub Advisory Group:

  • Belinda Meggitt
  • Helen Rogers
  • Limin Mao
  • Jennifer Farinella
  • Marty Janssen

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