Sexual Health

Voice your Contraception Experiences -online survey

If you are 18y+, and use/ have used contraception, we’d like to hear about your experiences, influences on, and satisfaction with contraception, including any hormonal or non-hormonal method.

We are interested in surveying all women, from a broad range of cultural backgrounds and ages. The survey will be conducted in English by Western Sydney University.

To take part in the confidential online survey please click on the following link:

A short introduction to Fertility Awareness Methods.

*Resting body temperature     

*Cervical mucus method      *

Calendar based method      

*Withdrawal method

FAMS part 11.30 minutes              

FAMS part 2 2.00 minutes

Consent Labs Lunchtime Webinar

Monday 26th July – 12noon for one hour

Registrations Now Open

Registrations are now open for Consent Labs Lunchtime Webinar on Monday 26th July at Noon for 60 minutes.

Consent Labs is a youth-run organisation that delivers engaging workshops on sexual consent to young people in high schools and universities. This need arose from the team’s own lived experiences navigating relationships, dating and sex and realising the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault, and the need for more robust consent education. In this webinar they will discuss their work, the barriers and challenges to delivering consent education, and the key takeaways they’ve learnt about how young people want to talk and learn about consent!

Register here

Or cut and paste the URL if that’s easier for you:

Text to enter & win the Indigenous Surfboard Competition!

Due to many NAIDOC events unfortunately being called off this year, we are kicking off the Indigenous surfboard tour online.

This year’s artwork was provided by Lauren Henry. You can check out more of her stunning work over here.

If you would like to enter the competition to win the surfboard text ‘Share Affection Not Infection’ and your postcode to us on 0434 568 233. You will get a reply confirmation text. The winner will be drawn 1st December to acknowledge World AIDS Day.

Want to see the surfboard up close? Check out our Facebook page for where it’s being hosted, or see the full tour list below.

See previous surfboard tours here.

  • 19th July-2nd Aug- Youth Crossroads Health Centre, Nowra
  • 2nd Aug-16th Aug- Illawarra Koori Men’s Support Group, Albion Park
  • 16th Aug-30th Aug- Warrawong High School
    30th Aug-13th Sept- Krema and Co Café- Dapto
  • 13th Sept-27th Sept- DCJ service centre, Coniston
  • 27th Sept-11th Oct-headspace Wollongong
  • 11th Oct-25th Oct- Wollongong Youth Centre
  • 25th Oct-8th Nov- Coordinaire Innovation Campus
  • 8th Nov-22nd Nov- Wollongong City Council library

For Competition Terms & Conditions please email

Caddyshack Project webinars

You can now register for our free webinars on the Caddyshack Project website!

Relationships & Sexual Health in Australia

What Every International Student Needs To Know-Free Webinar Thursday 22nd July @3pm for one hour.

The International Student Health Hub is your one stop shop for reliable information and website referral links on safer sex, STIs, HIV, contraception, pregnancy, the Australian healthcare system, overseas student health cover, confidentiality and more!

Registrations are live for the free webinar!

Join Insider Guides on Thurs 22nd July 3pm and hear from special guests such as Play Safe NSW Nurse Nettie answering frequently asked questions and international students panellists sharing their experience.

Please share this email to your network. Download promotion assets here.

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Get in touch if you have any questions;

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