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Joyful Project submissions now open for Wollongong City Council

We’re inviting all people of the Illawarra to submit your happy photo snaps and share with us what brings you joy!

This Christmas we’re planning to fill the outdoor exhibition blocks in Crown Street Mall with as many photos of your happy faces as possible for The Joyful Project.

Selected photos will be on display over the 2021-2022 summer period.

Each photo needs to show joy. It could be close-ups of you and your family with smiling faces, or pulling funny faces, or you (or someone else)

doing something that brings joy, like jumping on the trampoline, a family celebration, or dancing in your kitchen!

Entries close midnight, Sunday 19 September 2021.

How to enter

Take a photo of what brings you joy! If you’re using a phone camera, make sure it’s set to the highest image quality. Your photo can be up to 20 MB file size.

Write a short message (up to 280 characters) that explains what brings you joy during tough times. Think about when you feel happiest, or how you can bring joy to others.

Try to follow the format: “(Activity) at (location) brings me great joy!”

Read the project Terms and Conditions

Use the button below, go to the online form. Fill in your details, upload your photo and your message of joy!

Enter The Joyful Project

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