SCAM ALERT: ‘COVIDsafe’ and proof of vaccination

Please be aware of the latest scam SMS targeting Australia.

The SMS may appear to be sent from ‘COVIDsafe’ or ‘BeCOVIDsafe’. It shows something similar to; “Your digital version of COVID-19 Passport is available at XXXXXXXXXXX”.

The link in the SMS will direct to a malicious website that offers a ‘COVID vaccination certificate’, requesting a small payment for issuing the certificate. This is an attempt by scammers to steal the individual’s personal and banking information.

If you or a customer have received this SMS please delete it immediately. Do not click the link.

Important facts to know:

  • – You will never pay for services related to their Services Australia held accounts or records, including for COVID 19 vaccination certificates or assistance with myGov.
  • – Services Australia will never send a text message to a customer that includes a link.
  • – All customers can obtain their COVID 19 proof of vaccination via Service Australia’s secure channels.
  • – If a customer advises they have fallen victim to this scam, they can contact our Scams and Identity Theft Helpdesk on 1800 941 126.

To find out what we know about the latest scams, please visit the Services Australia website and type ‘scams’ in the search bar.

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