Sexual Health

Caddyshack Awards

Congratulations this year’s winners!

Olivia Kelle – Administration Officer for the ISLHD Drug & Alcohol Service – Greatest Caddyshack Project Facebook Fan.

Soutara Potter – Volunteer Program Coordinator for the University of Wollongong – Greatest Caddyshack Project Instagram Follower.

Lives Lived Well – Project Award for their commitment to capacity building their staff around sexual health, sexuality & gender diversity.

Illawarra & Shoalhaven Gender Alliance – Service Award for their advocacy for bodily autonomy and affirming health care in the Illawarra & Shoalhaven.

Honorary Award to Naomi Viret from Caddyshack Project (because we can) for 14 years of service, commitment, passion & brains (seriously) to her work.

Winners will all receive the iconic banana on a stand award with an engraved plaque and some Caddyshack merch.

The Caddyshack Awards have been running since 2015 to recognise & acknowledge individuals & services that make a contribution to the sexual health and well-being of our communities.

Last chance to enter the Indigenous Surfboard Competition!Last chance to enter the Indigenous Surfboard Competition!

Text ‘Share Affection Not Infection’ and your postcode to us on 0434 568 233.

You will get a reply confirmation text.

The winner will be drawn 1st December to acknowledge World AIDS Day

See previous surfboard tours here & check out more of Lauren’s stunning work over here.

This surfboard represents a multitude of layers. The background is a transition of colours, moving from a lilac, through to a light blue and mint     green,

moving to a copper, darker turquoise and deep sea blue. The transition of these colours represents a Yuin dreaming. The dark blue and turquoise

to represent the salt water, copper to represent the sand on which we stand and light blue and lilac to represent the sky. The transition  of colours

is to represent the sea and the connection to the country here on  Yuin country. The sea represents a cleansing property, as mob here on the coast

would use the water to cleanse themselves for a new journey, to wash away bad spirits and to thank our Elders for the meal they were about to catch.

The stars at the bottom of the board represent those Elders that have come    before us, that have walked and cared for this land long before

we have. The stars at the top of the board represent those Elders that are to come after we have gone back to the dreaming. The yarning circle

in the middle is to represent our communities coming together for lore, for connection and for connecting to the land. The people on the white lines

to the sides of the yarning circle represent those coming from all over, back to their country to be connected in.  It is their journey back to country,

and back to  family; to the place where their ancestors once stood.

The overall objective of this board was to represent the importance that sexual health has within First Nations communities.

To encourage and empower our mobs to speak out, access services and to make sure they are  staying healthy and deadly.

For Competition Terms & Conditions please email

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