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Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

The Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) is the NSW government approved dispute resolution scheme for electricity, gas, and some water customers. Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON).

EWON’s services are free to customers and their advocates. We are independent, that is, neither an industry or consumer advocate. We investigate and resolve complaints based on laws, codes and regulations, and good industry practice to achieve fair and reasonable outcomes.

In addition to complaints management, EWON identifies, investigates, and resolves systemic issues arising from complaints and, as a result, influences government and regulator policy development through engagement and formal submissions. We also have an extensive community outreach program and conduct other awareness raising activities

These activities help us educate consumers, their advocates and community workers about energy and water issues, such as rebates, changing retailers, saving energy, payment plans and their rights and responsibilities. They also provide us with an opportunity to learn about the issues affecting consumers firsthand.

We are currently offering virtual information sessions about energy and water, which cover support available for those experiencing financial difficulties and other issues generally or in relation to the COVID-19 situation.

Please let me know if a tailored information session would be helpful for your organisation

  • How EWON can help
  • What rebates and concessions that your clients may be entitled to?
  • How to shop for the best price or change retailers
  • How to be energy efficient
  • What are your responsibilities and what are the energy providers responsibilities?
  • Where to go for help or advice (EWON).

If your organisation produces a newsletter, we have developed a series of basic energy and water articles to assist consumers understand their rights and what to do if they are having difficulties with their energy and (some) water retailers.

The articles are written in a basic easy to understand format and cover high and estimated billing, payment issues, where to go for help and energy and water savings and much more etc.

If you would like these articles sent to you each month for your newsletter, please respond to this email and we will facilitate this.

In addition, you can subscribe to our newsletters or order publications from this link Publications and submissions (

Julie Bye | Community Engagement & Investigations Officer

Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

0448 106 682

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