Sexual Health

When developing the Because You Care online training, we considered the importance of starting a conversation with young people around their sexual and reproductive health.

Those who have completed the training may recall the activity in the 3rd module, devoted to starting conversations.

A lot of us may think of this as the “birds and bees” chat or “the talk” and think of it as a one off conversation. In reality and ideally, these can be a series of short but ongoing discussions, at moments that are relevant to the young person and appropriate for their age and level of development.

There are some fantastic resources which can help guide these conversations. One of our favourites is “Talk soon. Talk often”. A resource designed to help parents, carers and workers navigate conversations around sexual and reproductive health with young people.

We love that there is also a culturally safe adaptation of the resource “Yarning quiet ways” and a simplified tip sheet in several languages. Another great source of sexual and reproductive health information, games, resources and factsheets is Play Safe Pro.

It can also be useful to use and make reference to movies, TV shows, song lyrics and hot topics on social media to start conversations with young people around their sexual and reproductive health.

Asking simple questions such as “what did you think about that” or “what would you and your friends do in that situation” can be non-confrontational ways to start a conversation.

The “Because you care” training module 3 addresses ways to start conversations and tips and suggestions for keeping the conversation going. The training is available online and Free!

Happy chatting!

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