80/80 for 2031

Domestic, family and sexual violence and abuse is a community-wide public health emergency.

It infects every aspect of life: our health and safety, education,employment, housing and life opportunities.

It impacts our children and tears our social fabric apart.

We all need to demand a safer Australia.

We need bold, focused and courageous action to achieve it. Our vision is that by 2031, Australia has reduced the 2021 rates of domestic and family violence by 80%, and 80% of women whohave experienced domestic and family violence-related trauma are properly supported to recover.

It is a vision of hope.

As community leaders, we call on all levels of Governments to aim for 80|80 in 2031.To achieve this, we want the next National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and Children to:.
80/80 in 2031

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