Food Hampers during current Covid19 surge

Resilience NSW ( RNSW) is the key provider of food support. Their system is now more efficient than 2021 .They have contracted a local courier service who have onsite storage and next day delivery. 

What you need to do : 

  • If there is a query regarding food assistance ask community member to call Service NSW on 137788 or who will then initiate a RNSW request. This number can also help clients access financial assistance while isolating.
  • You can also contact Service NSW and initiate a referral on their behalf. Please provide the following information:



Contact number

Number of people needing food and ages

Allergies, food requirements

Days required to isolate

Only dry foods are available in the food hampers. Contents are shown in PDF attached.

Community members friends and family can also call into our wonderful NGO’s and local food aid organisations for assistance. The Low Cost and Free Meals directory has details of what is available through the week. Many NGOs also have personal care items sourced from Good 360 in 2021.

Some NGO’s are also able to assist with items for babies and young children such as formula, nappies

Community members who are experiencing significant health impacts due to the a Covid19 infection are being supported the Virtual Care Centre and ISLHD Services and assist with food aid requests to RNSW on their behalf.

If community members would like to pack a hamper for a neighbour/friend, attached are some guidelines about what would be helpful to include.

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