Sexual Health

Beacuse you Care

When developing the free Because You Care online training for foster carers, we considered the importance of sexual and reproductive health for sexuality and gender diverse young people.

The section on vulnerable young people takes into account some considerations when engaging in conversations around sexual and reproductive health.

As carers, it can be difficult to navigate a young person’s sexuality and gender, particularly when they are new to your care, or have reached an age and stage where they are questioning.

Some practical tips include:

  • Don’t assume gender identity based on appearance or clothing choice
  • Use gender neutral language such as they, theirs or them
  • Use the term “partner” instead of boyfriend or girlfriend

Play Safe Pro have some great fact sheets on gender affirming care and sexual health promotion for young people of diverse gender and sexuality to further help guide discussions and what to consider when discussing sexuality and gender with young people. Happy chatting!

If you would like any further information please contact or

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