Disaster and Recovery

ACON has made a quick flood safety guide for communities down the South Coast. It is based off the information and advice published by NSW SES.

URGENT – Emergency Preparedness – NSW Flood Event

We know many in our communities along the NSW Coast are likely to experience heavy rain and possible flooding.

Here are some important tips to help you plan, prepare and act if you are impacted by floods:

  1. Stay Informed:
    1. Listen to the radio for broadcasts & warnings from emergency services
    2. Download emergency services apps and/or follow them on social media
    3. Check for updates regularly as the situation evolves
  2. Locate your closest evacuation centre or a safe location to shelter and pre-plan your route to get there.
  3. Make a plan to keep your pets or livestock safe.
  4. Pre-pack a small backpack with essentials in waterproof bags. Place the bag by the door ready to go and include things like:
  • phone and charger
  • emergency phone numbers
  • wallet with bank cards
  • ID and passport documents
  • medications and prescriptions
  • insurance papers
  • dry clothes if you can carry
  1. Dress for safety and wear clothing and footwear that keeps you protected for the situation you are in.
  2. If you need help, reach out to authorities early. Don’t leave it too late, especially if you or your loved ones have impaired mobility or other special needs (i.e. elderly, disabled, children)
  3. Help each other. Try to check on neighbours, friends, and others if you can do so safely and ask them for help if you need it.
  4. Check in as early as you can after the immediate risk passes to let people know you are safe.

For more detailed advice, including current evacuation orders, go to the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) Facebook Page  Twitter Account or website www.ses.nsw.gov.au/

Call 000 for life threatening emergencies

Call the SES on 132 500 for emergency help in a flood or storm

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