Sexual Health

Traveller looking for companion who Likes to ‘Explore’

*Likes Pina Coladas  *Loves to get caught in the rain *Yoga Lover *Always uses condoms

To find the nearest service that stocks free condoms in the Illawarra & Shoalhaven, visit this map or order a bag of free condoms for your service from PlaySafe Pro.

International Student Health Hub

The International Student Health Hub features Play Safe NSW on the Safe Sex & Sexual Health page answering questions like:

  • What is oral sex?
  • What Australian words are used for sex, sexual health & your body?
  • How can I get an STI?
  • Do condoms prevent STIs?
  • How do I put on a condom?

Everything you need to know for a confident & healthy sex life   Play Safe NSW

Play Safe

The Hub

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