Health and Wellbeing

Free Individual Therapy and Groups for Children, Young People and Adults.

The Clinic is staffed by final year Psychology/Clinical Psychology, Counselling/Psychotherapy and Social Work students on placement and offers a wide range of individual and group therapy options. Students are closely monitored and supervised by experienced senior clinicians and academics.

Services are delivered free- at no or very low cost (all fees waived currently in response to the pandemic).

Groups include Art for Happiness; Mindfulness; Compassionate Therapy; Social Anxiety and an International Students Wellbeing Group.

Referrals are accepted Australia wide, and services are delivered using Telehealth on Zoom. Face to face service is possible in some locations (Covid permitting).

We have clinic space in Sydney, and rooms in Byron Bay, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Clients and families from regional and remote areas are very welcome to access our free services using Telehealth.

People can self-refer to the Clinic or via a warm referral from your service.

GP/Medicare referral is not required, and the service is available to all people regardless of visa status. Refugees and International Students are very welcome.

The Clinic values diversity and work with First Nations, CALD and LGBTQ+ people.

Children, adults, and young people from Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Backgrounds; Culturally or Linguistically Diverse; Queer and other communities are very welcome to make contact. People living with Disabilities are also very welcome at the Clinic

To book, refer, or for more information, visit The ACAP Psychology Clinic website; send us an email or call (02) 8236 8070.

If you would like to visit or talk about our services; please feel free to make contact, if you are part of an interagency network, we would be really happy to meet with you over zoom to discuss options for working together.

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