Because Your Care

Whatever a young person’s experience, they have a right to sexual and reproductive health education and it is often carers who are best placed to deliver this information.

The free ‘Because Your Care’ Online training Module(OLM) gives a great overview on many sexual health topics, with tips on how to start conversations and activities to help guide you and increase your knowledge.

If you are interested in the evolving conversation around embedding consent into the National School Curriculum, read the May 2022 blog from our colleagues at Caddyshack Project

 You can complete the OLM in your own time here:

If you would like any further information please contact or

Regional Youth Action Plan

The Office for Regional Youth (ORY) are developing a Regional Youth Action Plan to help young people live their best life across NSW.

They are conducting a survey to understand what the challenges are in regional NSW and it’s really important that they hear from you and the youth you are working with. This will guide ORYs priorities and budgets over the next four years.

Ensuring young people are accurately represented in the Action Plan is very important, and this is an opportunity to make a difference and make your voice heard.

Here is the link to the survey. It will take less than 6 minutes to complete.

We really appreciate you taking the time to be involved. Please share amongst your community, professional and social networks so we can gain a good understanding of our current environment. This information will be collated by NOUS and will be followed up with local interviews with selected agencies and youth groups in mid-June.  

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