Sexual Health

MPXV (Monkeypox) Vaccinations: Information for LGBTQ+ communities in NSW

This email contains information about the MPXV vaccine and a link to NSW Health to register your interest in the vaccine.

ACON is providing frequently updated information to help our communities make informed decisions. You can access that information here.

NSW Health is providing vaccinations for community members at particular risk of exposure to MPXV in metro and regional NSW. The vaccine that will be offered to community members is the JYNNEOS smallpox vaccine, which is the latest vaccine available to provide protection against MPXV.

Currently, there is significant global demand and health authorities are working hard to secure more vaccines. An initial supply of JYNNEOS received in NSW in August has been used. Up to 30,000 more doses are expected at the end of September and 70,000 doses in early 2023.

To register, follow the link to NSW Health below. If eligible, you will be contacted by NSW Health as more vaccine arrives in NSW in September 2022 and early 2023.

If you have already registered your interest, there is no need to register again. NSW Health will be in touch as more vaccine becomes available in NSW if you’re eligible.

Register your interest online via NSW Health (link below). Please note: completing the form does not guarantee vaccine access.

Those determined to be at high risk will receive a clinical assessment to determine their eligibility for the vaccine at this point in time. Please be patient as health authorities work through vaccine distribution. As more vaccines become available, more people will be able to get access to the vaccine.

It is important to be remain self-aware of your health at all times, including after being vaccinated. If you develop any symptoms, particularly an unusual rash,

lesions or sores, seek medical advice immediately. Call the NSW Sexual Health Infolink on 1800 451 624 or call your GP or local sexual health clinic via phone or telehealth.

ACON, along with other community partners, is supporting NSW Health and our communities during the MPXV vaccination program.

ACON are continuing to work with NSW Health towards facilitating greater access to vaccines that protect against MPXV.

Register your interest for the MPXV vaccine via NSW Health

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Zach Bennet Brook from Saltwater Dreamtime is an Indigenous man of Torres Strait Islander heritage & an award winning artist. Born & growing up in Dharawal Country,  Zach has always been surrounded by the water & involved in water-based activities.

From Zach: Design wise I decided to paint a style I call Travelling. The artwork features a number of circular sections which in my work represent groups of people and family. I have connected each of these groups together through thick lines highlighting the travelling aspect and how we are all connected.

With this year’s NAIDOC Week theme being Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up, I thought the artwork I painted plays nicely to this as it highlights the importance of working together and shows unity. Colour wise I decided to go with a super bright and vibrant background in Pinks, Purple and Yellow with a bold Black and White line work design over the coloured background.

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