Just for Carers…

Please find attached a flyer for our FREE 24/7 LOVE Carers group starting Friday 7th Oct, in Port Kembla.  This is a collaboration between Relationships Australia’s Ability Groupwork Program and the Sydney Botanic Gardens Community Greening Program.

Each session includes:

  • A little plant that we’ll learn how to propagate herbal teas from – (a different plant / tea each session, which carers can take home and continue to work with).
  • Fun and gentle self-care and self-compassion-mindfulness activities, top tips ‘n tricks for making time for oneself, & connection with other carers.
  • A delicious and healthy lunch.

The sessions are 2 weeks apart – which might make it easier for people to think about commuting if they live in Sydney town or further a-field?

For more information please contact:  Ability Groupwork ability@ransw.org.au  or call 02 4221 2000

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