TRAINING OPPORTUNITY – Trauma Informed Recovery Practice for Social and Emotional Wellbeing – 27th March 2023

Community Industry Group in partnership with Bradley Foxlewin will be holding a 1-day training session in March focusing on providing participants with an understanding of Trauma Informed Recovery Practice for Social & Emotional Wellbeing and how to apply principles and skills when supporting those with mental health challenges and/or problematic substance abuse.

Outcomes: Participants will be able to:

  • Build on previous knowledge of impacts for people living with and experiencing the aftermath of complex trauma.
  • Articulate the core principles of a relational approach to trauma that supports trust, connection, and the centrality of relationship in recovery and self-determination.
  • Understand the impact of age-related trauma, including developmental trauma, to navigate effective and strategic alliances with survivors and minimise retraumatisation.
  • Build skills in creating safe situations utilising regulation and co-regulation strategies to help survivors narrate their current experiences more effectively.
  • Critique historical approaches to working with survivors to ensure greater understanding of their experiences and their expressed needs.
  • Discuss the spirit and processes of intersubjective guidance as an effective approach to guiding change.
  • Recognize the impact of verbal and non-verbal communication and have strategies to monitor these in relation to retraumatisation.
  • Have greater understanding of self and team care.
  • Understand and utilise strategies for supporting people in raising awareness of change possibilities.
  • Develop knowledge of and articulate how coping strategies are understood in the context of surviving trauma.
  • Describe the importance of centering lived experience in the processes of recovery.
  • Describe how trauma informed recovery practice and approaches hold therapeutic value outside the context of conducting therapy.

Initially this workshop will focus on the principles underpinning the ‘relational turn’ in trauma informed and recovery-oriented practice, TIRP. TIRP principles parallel the move towards person-centred practice in the mental health and disabilities contexts and a range of other contexts including intellectual and learning disabilities, forensic mental health, AOD and acquired brain injury.

Secondly, the workshop will focus on the use of intersubjective strategies that align with the co-creation of safe environments that support self-determination and recovery decisions. All strategies have a good fit with intersubjective and neuroscientific approaches and draw from this evidence-base whilst not engaging in therapy.

Ultimately the purpose of this workshop is to focus on approaches, strategies, and skills for effectively supporting people to make recovery choices, to navigate the process of change and to break the cycle of unnecessary involvement with acute mental health, homelessness services, justice systems and problematic substance use. There is a growing body of work that supports the use of these strategies when working with people living with the impact of cognitive impairment.

Limited spots available so please register using the link below….

Trauma Informed Recovery Practice for Social and Emotional Wellbeing Tickets, Mon 27/03/2023 at 9:30 am | Eventbrite 

1 thought on “TRAINING OPPORTUNITY – Trauma Informed Recovery Practice for Social and Emotional Wellbeing – 27th March 2023

  1. Hello Tash,

    I am keen to register for the Training Opportunity below.

    As the training includes strategies, I think it would add and expand on the Introduction Workshop we attended last week.

    As always, I will ask if you’d approve a paid workday to attend the event and / or pay for the ticket. I’d like to pass on to our Illawarra team as well but would like your view before mentioning it.

    Thank you

    Kind regards,

    Julia Ramirez (she/her)

    NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach / Support Coordinator


    One Door Mental Health

    M 0438 329 858

    E | <>

    My working days are Monday to Thursday, 10am – 5pm.

    I do not work on Fridays.



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