Abuse of an Older Person or Adult with Disability

We are currently arranging for the stickers to be printed and looking at creating signage and banners with the designs. Over the next year we will expand the campaign, raising awareness of different types of abuse and their impacts.

Please feel free to circulate and share the poster with services / schools / organisations who would find this information beneficial.

Any comments and feedback for future designs and materials would be greatly appreciated.

Emma Brown – Community Safety and Crime Prevention Officer

T 02 9707 9212   M 0456 925 142


Sexual Health

Unpack the Sexual Health & Relationship Kit Webinar with NSW Health is now available on YouTube.

The 44 minute webinar demonstrates how to use The Kit as a teaching tool to run health education sessions and focus groups by giving participants the opportunity to unpack and discuss the information around sexual health and healthy relationships in an open and respectful manner. Click image below to play.

Click HERE to start or copy the URL into your browser

For hard copies of the Sexual Health & Relationship Kit please contact us.


Sofia Lema is of Colombian heritage and works for Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD) Multicultural Health Service. She holds a double degree in Social Science and political science as well as a Masters of Social Development from UNSW. Since moving to Australia in the mid 1990’S, Sofia has developed a cultural curiosity in terms of social cultural dynamics and how this groups interact with one another. Most recently she’s interested in enabling people and services to be aware of their own unconscious biases and how these can have an impact on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse clients when accessing service delivery.

Maddison Stratten is a health promotion officer with the ISLHD HIV & Related Programs Unit and also works part time with non-government organisation Healthy Cities Illawarra. Maddy has a Bachelor in Public Health major in Health Promotion (UOW), Master of International Public Health (USYD), and a passion for breaking down barriers, empowering marginalised communities and promoting a positive approach to health. As a co-leader for NSW Playsafe Programs International Students, Maddy has enjoyed developing resources and education sessions for international students. Maddy is interested in working alongside the CALD community to connect people with consistent messages around safe sex and healthy relationships.

Naomi Viret is a senior health promotion officer with the ISLHD HIV & Related Programs Unit and has worked in the field of sexual health for the past 10 years. For 5 of these years Naomi was also a sexual health counsellor. Prior to her current role, Naomi worked in Canberra for the Department of Health and Ageing in Family Planning and Aboriginal Health. Naomi’s qualifications are in Psychology and Population health, holding a Master’s degree in Public Health. Naomi has worked extensively with the youth sector and with Aboriginal communities in both NSW and the Northern Territory. Naomi is passionate about education and empowering communities to take a positive approach to all things sexual health and relationships.

Registrations are now open for the Confidence, Clarity & Contraception Webinar

Wednesday 29th July -10.00-11.30am.

Contraception is an important and necessary part of life for many. Now more than ever, there are options available to suit everyone for every stage of life. We will unpack the Contraception Kit from Family Planning NSW which contains barrier methods, hormonal, non-hormonal and long acting reversible contraception.

Once you have registered we will post you a pack containing an  O-cube, which has been specifically  designed to demonstrate the internal condom and a banana penis, which  is used  to demonstrate the external condom along with some other goodies.

Presenters are Health Education Officers, Kaitlin Middleton and Maddison Stratten from

Click HERE to register.

This event is free & you can cancel up to 24 hours prior to the event.

Please call 0421 098 342 or email if you need to cancel.

Contraception-which one are you?

We’ve recently had some fun creating a series of Facebook posts on contraception inspired by 1800 My Options on Instagram, who provide information about contraception, pregnancy options and sexual health in Victoria.

Please use these where you can and if you need us to convert these into electronic posters for use at your service, please let us know.

Have fun spotting which one you are!

Last few weeks to go into the draw to win this beautiful surfboard!

You can still go into the draw to win this surfboard from anywhere in the Illawarra Shoalhaven by texting ‘Take Blaktion’ and your postcode to Jen on 0434 568 233. You will get a reply text confirming from Jen your entry.

Winner will be drawn 21st July 2020.

Shout out to board creator Lani Balzan for your fantastic Sea Eagle artwork watching over us all. Which we really need right now.

Young People

Are you looking for high-quality virtual youth engagement program?

Videos for Change is launching an online program, which will engage, empower and inspire your young people through an interactive virtual experience, run by High Resolves professional facilitators.

Videos for Change is a real-world, youth-led, project-based social advocacy project in which young people create one-minute videos on issues they feel passionate about. 

In a time of isolation and uncertainty, young people are looking for an opportunity to influence positive change. The 2020 Australian National Videos for Change competition will launch in May, asking Australian high school students to consider the question, “What does ‘community’ mean in a crisis?”

The Videos for Change Online Program will empower the young people you support to get involved and contribute to a national conversation on issues that affect us all.  

Videos for Change Online Program

  • fully digital, end-to-end experience run by High Resolves facilitators to guide young people through the Videos for Change experience in partnership with youth workers or teachers
  • Online project-based learning that can be aligned with the Australian and state-based curriculum of English, Humanities and Media or can be embedded as part of a Wellbeing Program
  • Hear what teachers have to say about Videos for Change

Videos for Change is brought to you by the award-winning Citizenship and Leadership Program, High Resolves

Now in its 19th year, the Mission Australia Youth Survey continues to be the largest annual survey of young people of its kind in Australia. 

The Youth Survey enables young people to share their values, challenges and ambitions and to ‘speak up’ about the issues that they care about. It is widely used by Governments, NGOs and community groups to develop policies and youth programs.

Click HERE to start or copy this URL


Waminda on Compass- watch now on ABC iView- available until 14th July 2020

Click  HERE to watch or copy URL into your browser

Follow Waminda:

Waminda aims to empower and support Women and their Aboriginal Families of the Shoalhaven to make decisions about their own health and reduce the high rate of ill health among Aboriginal /Torres Strait Islander women in the Shoalhaven Community.

Please feel free to drop in and have a yarn, tea or coffee, change your baby or relax with friends while you are in town.

Our organization provides a free service for all women and their Aboriginal families of all ages.


The Stimulant Treatment Program team at St Vincent’s Hospital is testing a new smartphone app (S-Check) designed to help Australians manage their methamphetamine use.

In Australia, one in 70 people have used methamphetamine in the past year.  Harms related to methamphetamine use are increasing. Yet many who are experiencing harm from methamphetamine use do not seek help, or delay seeking help for many years.

To address this, The Stimulant Treatment Program at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney (SVHS) has developed the S-Check App, based on the model of care at its S-Check Clinic. The App aims to be a readily accessible tool for people who might not access regular treatment and support. 

The S-Check App is designed to provide up-to-date information about methamphetamine. Its features allow people to track their use, help identify any associated health problems. It provides links to support services if necessary.

How it works

The key features of the S-Check App are questionnaires, reminders, alerts, information, and regular check-ins to track ongoing health. Individual health assessment is made through six key categories:

  • Physical Health
  • Methamphetamine Use
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Sexual Health
  • Cognitive Health
  • Social Health & Lifestyle

In each category, App users will be asked to respond to a series of questions about them and their methamphetamine use. The App will evaluate responses and provide individualised feedback on methamphetamine related risks and harm, as well as suggestions on how best to manage use. App users will be provided with relevant information and support should they need it.

Other app features

The S-Check App provides interactive tools for people to discover more about methamphetamine and track their use over time. There is a journal section where people can save photos, audio and words to document their experiences. An achievement section is also available to mark their progress. More importantly, users can access to the ‘Help Now’ section with a list of emergency and support services should urgent help be required. Finally, if the App assesses that the users should seek help from a health professional, a referral letter can be generated and downloaded from the App to present to their GP.

Research trial

The App is currently being trialled. If people wish to participate in the trial, the App is available free to download on Google® Play or the Apple® App store.

The trial is open to anyone who reports using methamphetamine in the past month, is over 18 years old, resides in Australia, and has access to a personal smartphone to participate in the study.

For more information on the S-Check App trial, visit or contact Emily Li on

Sexual Health

On-Demand *PrEP is effective in preventing HIV and has been studied in one research trial of men who have sex with men.

It involves taking two pills 2-24 hours before sex, and then a pill each 24 hours after sex for the next two days.

It is important that when using on-demand PrEP that you adhere strictly to the dosing

regimen to provide the greatest level of protection against HIV.

Learn more and how to get started HERE.

*PrEP is an acronym that stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It involves HIV negative people taking antiretroviral drugs to protect them and prevent HIV infection. When used as prescribed, PrEP is highly effective at preventing HIV infection.

The HARP Unit have partnered up with headspace Wollongong & the ISLHD Drug and Alcohol team to create a YouTube presentation.

Originally created for Wollongong TAFE, due to being unable to deliver face to face during COVID19, other people might also like to see or pass on the information.

The three  15 minutes sessions include:

  • Sexual Health Education–  STI’s, prevention and where to get tested
  • Mental Health– Signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression and helping a friend
  • Drug and Alcohol– Being over the limit, impacts of drug and/or alcohol on driving

Click the YouTube link to access the 55 minute video

Please let us know what you think of the video by taking this quick(promise!) evaluation survey.

After a popular tour in 2019 the Red Ribbon Surfboard competition tour is returning between July and December 2020.

Winners will be drawn on the 15th December 2020 to acknowledge World AIDS Day on December 1st.

The Red Ribbon is a unifying symbol of solidarity and respect for people living with HIV/AIDS and the surfboard continues to raise awareness around sexual health & blood borne infections.

In 2020 this beautiful surfboard features art work by Gerringong based artist Melanie Duncan.

If your service is within the boundaries of the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District we invite you to display the surfboard at your service/organisation for a two week stay. All you need is a highly visible, safe area to display the surfboard to your clients or the public, giving them a chance to go into the draw to win by texting ‘share affection not infection’ and their postcode to the HARP Unit.

HARP will securely install and remove the surfboard.

This EOI will close Friday 19th June. Hosts will be advised week commencing 22nd June 2020. The tour commences 27thJuly 2020.

If you are interested, please reply to this email


Shellharbour City Council are seeing feedback on their draft Friendship/Sister City Policy and would love to know your thoughts. The draft policy outlines a framework to extend the hand of friendship and foster relationships with other communities abroad. These relationships can help develop educational, cultural, economic, trade and other beneficial exchanges.

The draft policy will be facilitated by a Committee of community and Council members and will be on public exhibition from 20 May to 17 June 2020.

For more information or to offer feedback, visit:

Food and Living

Sydney Water

Customer Care

If your employment or income has been affected by COVID-19, our financial assistance options may be able to help. Go to the Help with your bill page on our website for information on how we can help.

If you are experiencing payment difficulties and a flexible payment option is not sufficient, ask to be referred to the Customer Care Team for an assessment.

Our qualified case managers provide holistic solutions for customers experiencing affordability issues. We offer direct financial support through our Payment Assistance Scheme (PAS) and aim to improve our customer’s financial wellbeing, inclusion and resilience by referring customers to external services based on their needs.

This may include referrals to other agencies for other types of help including:

  • emergency relief
  • financial counselling
  • personal counselling
  • advocacy
  • housing
  • NILS
  • EAPA

Eligibility for PAS includes:

  • owner occupiers – multiple property owners are not eligible for PAS but can be offered deferrals of payment and affordable pay arrangements
  • private tenants with NSW Lease Agreement
  • properties that are individually metred

Call our contact centre on 13 20 92 and ask for our Customer Care team. Alternatively, customers can refer to one of our PAS accredited community agencies.

If you are a service provider and would like to know how you can refer your customers and become an accredited agency, email us at

For more information, email us at and tell us how we can help you