Exhibition | Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand (formerly Art4Refugees) is a charity exhibition where proceeds from the sale of donated artworks support SCARF programs for refugee children, youth and adults.  

Hand in Hand reflects our commitment to showcasing the works of established local and national artists, side by side with emerging artists from refugee backgrounds – providing a safe space to share their art with the wider community.  

This year, Hand in Hand will be held from 20th – 24th March 2019 at Project Contemporary Artspace, 255 Keira Street, Wollongong.  

Opening Night on Friday 22nd March will feature an auction of 3 artworks by artists originally from Myanmar, Syria and Iran.  

We’ll also be hosting a free Family Day on 24th March for SCARF volunteers, refugee families and the wider community, with the aim of promoting connection and social inclusion through arts and craft activities. 

Do you have an idea to improve your community?

My Community Project is all about local ideas, local projects and local decisions

For the first time, you will be able to put forward ideas for community projects and vote for the best ideas in your area. The projects that get the most votes will receive funding – up to $260,000 is available for your community.

Projects must align with one or more of the six program categories:

Accessible communities – makes everyday life more inclusive to all community members by increasing accessibility and mobility

Cultural communities – adds to the cultural and artistic life of the community by increasing opportunities for residents to participate in arts and cultural activities

Healthy communities – supports the community’s physical and mental wellbeing, by enabling healthy and active lifestyles

Liveable communities – improves local amenity and environment

Revitalising communities – fosters stronger community bonds, encourages social engagement and participation in public programs

Safe communities – promotes a safe and secure community where people can participate and enjoy the benefits of community life.

Kiama Council Health & Sustainability Grants – Round 4 – Jan 2019

Closing date Friday 18 January 2019

Kiama Council is offering up to $1,000 to not-for-profit incorporated groups or incorporated school P&Cs to drive small projects aiming to improve the health and environmental outcomes for the Kiama Community.

We are looking for ideas that will provide and promote opportunities for the community to:

  • Engage in regular physical activity;
  • Develop skills in sustainable food practices (excluding community gardening);
  • Develop knowledge and skills in healthy eating and active living principles.
  • Improve the health of the natural environment.

Projects can come in various forms and can include workshops, programs, expos etc.

For more information, eligibility, guidelines and application form click here.


The NSW Government Emergency Drought Relief Package

Recently the NSW Government announced a $500 million NSW Emergency Drought Relief Package to help farmers manage the effects of the current drought.

The three major elements of package are:

  • $190 million for Drought Transport Subsidies
  • $100 million for cutting the cost of farming fees and charges – by waiving Local Land Services rates (2019), waiving fixed water charges in rural and regionalareas (Water NSW), waiving class one agricultural vehicle registration costs, andwaiving interest charges for existing Farm Innovation Fund loans for the 2017/18and 2018/19 financial years
  • $150 million to bolster the Farm Innovation Fund (FIF) infrastructure program

The package also includes funding for:

  • Counselling and mental health
  • Critical services in regional communities including transporting water and drought related road upgrades and repairs
  • Animal welfare and stock disposal

This takes the total NSW Government funding for Drought Assistance to $1.1 Billion. For more information visit http://www.droughthub.nsw.gov.au or call the NSW Rural Assistance Authority on 1800 678 593.


Health & Sustainability Grants

Health_SustainabilityGrants_8661648223686875506The 2nd round of Kiama Councils Health & Sustainability Grants (open for submission until 19 January).

Council is offering up to $1,000 to not-for-profit incorporated groups or school P&Cs to drive small projects aiming to improve the health and environmental outcomes for the Kiama Community.

Feel free to circulate to anyone who has an idea that will provide and promote opportunities for the community to:

  • Develop knowledge and skills in healthy eating and active living principles and/or,
  • Engage in regular physical activity and/or,
  • Develop skills in sustainable food practices.

Projects can come in various forms and can include workshops and sessions. For more information, eligibility, guidelines and application form click here

Funding Open for Application

8aa220d2-07e9-485f-bf87-fd4a122db1cbThe Australian Government is inviting applications via an open competitive process to deliver services under Families and Communities Program /Strong and Resilient Communities from 1 April 2018 to 30 June 2021 for the following two grant rounds:

  1. Strong and Resilient Communities – Inclusive Communities Grants
  2. Strong and Resilient Communities – Community Resilience Grants

Strong and Resilient Communities – Inclusive Communities Grants aim to increase the social and economic participation of vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and families within their communities and enhance their life‑time wellbeing and sense of community belonging.

Strong and Resilient Communities – Community Resilience Grants aim to build strong, resilient and cohesive communities to help make Australia more secure and harmonious as a whole.  This will be done through providing grants designed to address issues in communities that show potential for or early signs of low social cohesion, and/or racial, religious or cultural intolerance.

Applications for both grant rounds close at 2pm AEST Wednesday 23 August  2017
Further information about eligibility and how to apply are available on GrantConnect and the Community Grants Hub websites.







Red Ribbon Grant

Red RibbonWould your organisation like to apply for a Red Ribbon Grant to increase community conversations and awareness about HIV?

The HARP Unit is offering grants valued at up to $500(please discuss with us if you require more) for World AIDS Day

which is acknowledged internationally on December 1st.

Its easy to apply!

  1. Read the attached guide.
  2. Talk to the HARP Unit if you need to.
  3. Fill out the attached application form.
  4. Review the form with a member of the HARP Unit if you need to.
  5. Submit

Red Ribbon applications are open until Friday 30th September 2016.

Please send applications by email to: Scott.Lockhart@health.nsw.gov.au or Fax 4221 6722

HARPRed Ribbon Grantsguide 2016

Red Ribbon Application Form 2016

Funding | Grandparents Day

NSW Grandparents Day celebrates the contributions grandparents and older people make to their families and communities. It recognises the diversity of grandparent relationships across age groups, cultural backgrounds, and geographical locations.

This year NSW Grandparents Day will be celebrated on Sunday 30 October.

Applications for 2016 NSW Grandparents Day event grants are now open. All not-for-profit and community organisations, schools, childcare centres, and local government authorities based in NSW can apply.

Grant applications close on 12 August 2016.

for more information please see http://www.ageing.nsw.gov.au/about_us/news/news_items/2016-nsw-grandparents-day-event-grants-program

ClubGRANTS Funding 2016 Information Summary

The following is an information summary designed to inform applicants about ClubGRANTS funding.

ClubGRANTS Funding

Background to ClubGRANTS Clubs NSW funding program.

ClubGRANTS was formerly called the CDSE Funding Scheme however the name was changed on 1st September 2011 and along with the name change improvements were made to the scheme which are included in this summary. For complete information regarding ClubGRANTS please go to The Clubs NSW website www.clubsnsw.com.au

The ClubGRANTS Scheme is a shared State Government-Club Industry Program funded by 1.85% gaming receipt tax rebate provided by the State Government to those registered clubs with gaming machine profits in excess of profits in excess of $1,000,000 per annum. The funding is divided into three categories and distributed as follows: Category 1 receives 0.75%, category 2 receives 1.1% and category 3 receives 0.4%

The scheme is designed to ensure that larger registered clubs in NSW contribute to the provision of front-line services to their local communities; and to ensure that the disadvantaged in the community are better positioned to benefit from the substantial contributions made by those clubs.

Wollongong City council administer the program across the local government area. A committee is struck comprising representatives from Wollongong City Council, the not for profit sector, the State Government usually Community Services and representatives from the clubs themselves. An estimate of the total funds for distribution is provided which has been in the region of $600,000. Funding is provided by the following clubs across the Wollongong local government area however other clubs not listed may also provide funding.

  • Berkeley Sports & Social Club
  • Balgownie Collegian
  • Bulli Workers Club
  • City Diggers Club
  • Collegians Rugby League Football Club
  • Corrimal Leagues Club
  • Corrimal RSL Memorial Club
  • Dapto Bowling Club
  • Dapto Citizens Bowling Club
  • Dapto Leagues Club
  • Fraternity Bowling & Recreation Club
  • Helensburgh Worker’s Sports and Social Club
  • Illawarra Steelers
  • Illawarra Leagues Club
  • Illawarra Master Builders Club
  • Illawarra Yacht Club
  • Towradgi Park Bowls and Recreation Club
  • Port Kembla Leagues Club
  • Wests Illawarra
  • Windang Bowls Club
  • Woonona Bulli RSL Club
  • Wollongong RSL Bowling Club
  • Woonona Bulli RSL Memorial Club

Why is ClubGRANTS a good source of funding?

There are relatively very few applications for funding compared to the pool of money available. Organisations who have applied in the past and been turned down are encouraged to reapply. If you would like to discuss a new application or receive feedback on a previous application contact Shaun Sheridan 42277725 or email ssheridan@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

Clarity: It is very important to be really clear with your application as the only understanding the committee or clubs have is the information you provide them. Advise what geographic area of the city will benefit, what population group and how many people will benefit; do not be vague, be specific.

Category I Funding

This involves expenditure on specific community welfare and social services, community development, community health services and employment assistance activities.

Eligible Category 1 expenditure is for projects and or services that contribute to the welfare of the broader social fabric of the local community and are aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people and veteran welfare services.

The following detail the types of expenditure funding.

Community Welfare and Social Services

  • Family support.
  • Supported emergency or low cost accommodation.
  • Counselling services.
  • Child care and child protection.
  • Aged, disability or youth services.
  • Services to victims of natural or other disasters.
  • Volunteer emergency services, such as surf life-saving and rural fire services.
  • Veteran’s welfare-welfare services
  • Regional, national and international disasters.

Community Development

  • Neighbourhood centre activities.
  • Community education programs.
  • Youth drop-in facilities.
  • Community transport services.
  • Tenants services.
  • State-wide or regional services developing social policies and providing advocacy for local community services.

Community Health Services

  • Early childhood health.
  • Child and family services.
  • Community Nursing.
  • C0mmunity mental health services.
  • Health promotion initiatives.
  • Drug and alcohol services.
  • Palliative care/women’s health/dental/disability services.
  • Aboriginal and T0rres Strait Islander health services.
  • Home and community care services.

Employment Assistance Activities

  • Employment placement services.
  • Group training.
  • Employment advocacy
  • Community enterprises.
  • Local job creation schemes.

In addition to the general Category 1 funded activities Wollongong has developed local priorities which are listed below.

Priorities: – Wollongong has established local priorities for the LGA. There are as follows:

  • Projects that have a ‘group’ benefit.
  • Children’s Programs 0 – 11
  • Programs for young people 12 – 24 years, especially those that assist unemployed or marginalised young people and those that live in areas with higher levels of disadvantage.
  • Programs for the Aged
  • Programs for People with  a Disability
  • Multicultural Programs
  • Education programs including prevention projects that have a positive impact on crime reduction strategies especially those linked to alcohol, gambling and related crime.
  • Projects that have a wider community benefit/build capacity.

 These priorities support the usual ones of:

Delivered within the Wollongong LGA

In kind expenditure is allowed within defined financial limits. This is an issue that is managed by the clubs and not organisations seeking in kind support

Non Profit organisations can request clubs to provide In Kind support as opposed to giving money. An example of in kind support would be a club providing the venue and sandwiches/refreshments for a Beacon Foundation No Dole Event. The market value of this would be decided by the club example $2,500.

Treatment of In Kind Expenditure

Category 2 In Kind expenditure support provided to the community is acceptable provided that claims for such expenditure reflect the actual cost to the club, are properly documented and represent eligible expenditure as defined by these guidelines.

Funding in Excess of $10,000

A standard template contract must be completed. The contract form will be supplied by the funding club.

Wages: Projects with an ongoing wages component will not be funded.

Reporting and Acquittal Procedures for Funding Provided

Up to $500……Provide the club with a receipt only

$500-$5,000……Complete a Standard Funding Report Form

Over $5,000……Complete a Standard Funding Report form

Over $10,ooo……..Club and Benefiting Organisation are required to enter into a formal contract.

All reporting forms are available from download on the ClubsNSW ClubGRANTS website “For Applicants Section” www.clubsnsw.au/community/for-applicants

Applying for funding for Category 1 Funds

The local committee meets in January and at that time it decides when to open the funding round. This year the round opens 15th February and closes 22nd April. We advertise in local newspapers as well as direct contact with organisations across Wollongong LGA.

How the Category 1 Funding Decisions are made.

When the committee meets its members are provided a list of applications and these are individually discussed and placed into one of three prioritized categories. The first group comprises declined applications because they do not meet the qualifying criteria. Many of these are submitted by organisations outside the area, and if funded, would not benefit the local community. The second group are those which are discretionary funded by the clubs themselves. Most of these are surf lifesaving clubs and sporting club applications. The last group are those applications recommended for funding by the committee.

A further meeting is arranged approximately six weeks after the round closes and all clubs across the Wollongong LGA are invited to attend. At this meeting each of the recommended applications is discussed and clubs agree to fund all or part of a particular application. A club can agree to fund a portion of an application so in theory two or three clubs may join together to fund the whole application. Alternatively a club can agree to fund a portion of an application with the remainder left unfunded subject to the funding rules.

Category 2 Expenditure

Eligible Category 2 expenditure is expenditure allocated to community development, support activities and projects not listed under Category 1. However there are a number of specific funding allocations that are disallowed under Category 2 as follows:

  •  Professional or semi-professional sporting bodies/persons when any of the expenditure is to be used to finance the professional or semi-professional sporting activity, or nonprofessional sporting expenditure that is used to make monetary payments to the sports persons or persons directly participating in the sporting activity. However this does not exclude funding for such items as coaching, equipment or uniforms for nonprofessional sporting bodies/persons.
  • Professional entertainers and entertainment provided for club patrons and used for the purpose of directly promoting activities associated with the trading operations of the club.
  • Expenditure on a club’s commercial activities or activities directly related to fulfilling its obligations under the legislative and licence requirements applying to its trading obligations for example Occupational Health and Safety.
  • Capital and related expenditure on clubs facilities where the project is primarily commercial in nature or related to the upgrading or enhancement of gaming or when the facility or when the facility is operated on a for profit basis.

Capital Expenditure

Category 2 claims by clubs relating to capital expenditure to enhance non-gaming related club facilities can only be sourced from the balance of funds available after expenditure requirements for Category 1 have been fulfilled.

Tourism Promotion

Category 2 expenditure on the promotion of tourism is acceptable provided that the expenditure is not specifically targeted to promoting the club.

Application for Category 2 Funds

There is not a standard application form for Category 2 funding and applicants should liaise directly with individual clubs. Funding recipients are required to complete a report as to how the funding was applied the same way as Category 1 applicants. Applications are accepted throughout the year and details should be discussed with your local club manager.

Category 3 Expenditure

This is administered by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing with funding decisions made by the Minister in consultation with ClubsNSW. Funding targets large scale projects associated with sport, health and community infrastructure

ClubsGRANT Online Funding Applications

Clubs New South Wales only accepts online funding applications and paper applications are no longer accepted. Paper applications will be accepted from organisations who are unable to use the online application process.

The following link enables you to register your organisation to make your online application at the following address : https://clubgrants-wollongong-city-council.smartygrants.com.au/2016category1