Health and Wellbeing

Engaging with Outdoor Environments

A team at Macquarie University are undertaking a survey that aims to better understand how individuals are engaging with local outdoor environments and links to wellbeing before and during COVID-19.

The study findings will help to inform and advance the design of public places, identify opportunities for future planning and inform the design and development of programs to support and improve health and well-being.

The link to the survey is at

Breast Awareness

Under 40: As you are at lower risk of developing breast cancer, breast screens aren’t encouraged for women in your age group.

Age: 40-49: You can attend BreastScreen NSW for a screening mammogram, but breast screening is less effective for women in your age group.

Age: 50-74: We recommend you have your free screening mammogram once every two years – look out for your reminder letter from BreastScreen NSW.

Over 74: You can attend BreastScreen NSW for a screening mammogram, however you should speak to your doctor first to see breast screening is a priority for you.

Make your appointment online today at

Know your Lemons is an awesome site please check it out.

People of all ages should see their GP immediately if they notice any unusual changes in their breasts.

Menopause Information Evening

Health and WellBeing

Seeking Expressions of Interest for Consumer Representatives Southern Illawarra Hospitals Group

How would you design a Health Centre?

ACON is exploring options for a Centre that would provide specialist health care for people in our communities.

We want to make sure that people are at the heart of this service. No matter where you live in NSW we want to ensure that you can access this service through in-person appointments or via telehealth.

We’d like to hear from you. We invite you to please share your thoughts on what good health care looks like for you.

Click here to have your say in the design of the potential Health Centre.

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