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Our ExciTABLE event celebrating 100 Tables nationally took place on 22 March and the energy and love in the room was palpable!    We heard from three amazing speakers including Serena O’Callaghan, Lived Experience Learning & Development Officer with Neami National; Christine Morgan, CEO of the National Mental Health Commission; and Jim Raptis from MT26 and Concierge (North) in the Men’s Table Kitchen. It was wonderful to have so many men from Tables, and their partners and friends, in the room to meet each other and dive deep into conversation.   Attendees were invited to share their thoughts on the night, and this was one of our favourites: “The ripple effect of The Men’s Table really surprised me and so impressive to see it happening live with all the women in the room. That was remarkable.”   A live stream recording of the event is available here and a stack of amazing photographs here.     Our sincere thanks to Sonic Sight and photographer Tim Levy for the live stream and photographs, to Canva for providing the room and catering for the event, and to everyone else who contributed and attended – it was a wonderful celebration. 
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The National Mental Health Commission deliver an annual report on the mental health and suicide prevention system in Australia, and the 2022 report has now been released.    Using data, frameworks and people’s experiences, the report assesses the progress and efficacy of mental health outcomes in Australia. The Men’s Table are featured on page 62, with co-founders Ben Hughes and David Pointon delighted to put this piece together
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A shout out to Shopper Media who have donated space on their retail panels across the country for Men’s Table information to be shared to the shopping public. 

Their support has already generated several enquiries from men interested in finding out more about belonging to a supportive community of men and this is a medium we would not ordinarily have been able to fit in the budget.  Our sincere thanks to the team at Shopper Media for helping us get a man off the couch and into community every day. 


The Men’s Table are seeking a fifth Board Director to support our rapid growth. Currently we have an all male Board, and we are keen to create greater diversity. The role would suit someone with Media/ PR/ Brand leadership/ executive expertise and networks to help guide the growth and direction of a strong, trusted, nationally recognised brand, in keeping with our purpose of Healthy Men, Healthy Masculinities, Healthy Communities.   If you or someone you know would be interested in this role, please find more information here – and please share it across your networks to help us find  the right person for this role. 
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The Men’s Table receives funding in order to provide an accessible program for all men in communities across Australia and we are delighted to share that our growth in Regional areas over the past few years has been very strong.    We are grateful for the support from Federal and State Governments, local Councils, Philanthropic foundations and Public Ancillary Funds as well as individual donors.    You can help by sharing details about our Entree events with your networks and encouraging men you know to attend one to find out more about The Men’s Table.
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Men’s Health Week is in June every year and whilst it feels like a long way now, experience tells us it will be here before we know it! We’re often asked to run workplace workshops or webinars to talk about men’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing during this week of awareness and we invite interested organisations to contact us early to arrange a relevant session for your team.  
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