Interagency Meeting 20 June 2013


  • Amanda Hill – Wollongong Women’s Centre
  • Christa Thomas – Community Services
  • Joanne English – Community Services
  • Terri Davis – BCS Warilla North Community Centre
  • Christine Crighton – Wollongong TAFE
  • Rod Chinnery – TAFE NSW
  • Monique Ferguson – Illawarra Forum
  • Jeremy Prangnell – Mission Australia
  • Tessa Parsons – Barnardos Communities for Children
  • Chris Wade – Illawarra Respite and Carelink Centre
  • Bertha Quiros – Spanish and Latinamerican Community Organisation (SALCO)
  • Josh Hammann – Lighthouse Community Care
  • Sarah Little – Breastscreen NSW
  • Brian Pember
  • Marlene Calleja – Warilla Neighbourhood Centre
  • Katie Murphy – Access Community Group
  • Cheryl Pearce – CWA of NSW Kiama Branch
  • Sharon Parker – North Kiama Neighbourhood Centre
  • Meg McCaughey – SCBC Assist
  • Gab Martinez – ISLHD
  • Arhaj Russell – Greenacres Joblink
  • Tim Counter – Australian Home Care
  • Naomi Combe – Wollongong University Placement – Access Community Group
  • Emma Cappetta – NSW Sport and Recreation
  • Gillian Smith – ISLHD- Drug and Alcohol Team


  • Julie Parkinson – Kiama Community Health, ISLHD
  • Kerry Wilcock – Barnardos South Coast, Illawarra Fmaily Referral Service
  • Rebecca Norwood – AfterCare NSW
  • Robert Miekle – Human Services, Centrelink
  • Daniela Pyper – TAFE NSW
  • Tammy Johnston – Cancer Council NSW
  • Michael Norris – The Disability Trust
  • Kristen Carroll – Family and Community Services
  • Cheryl Ineson – Family and Community Services
  • Claudia Sinclair– Anglicare
  • Mark Sewell – Warrigal Care
  • Anthony  Scerri– MCCI
  • Kevin and Dot Gillis – Tongarra Heritage Society Inc.
  • Kate Montague – NSW Sport and Recreation
  • Diana Proksh – Illawarra Multicultural Services
  • Kevin Cassanego

Speeding Networking

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Shellharbour Connect

Shellharbour Connect is a new online community directory and community notice board. The website aims to make accessing community information simple and easy and covers a whole range of items when living, working or playing in Shellharbour.

Community members and groups can use the site to:

  • Search for local community organisations, groups, places, spaces and people
  • Promote community projects and events
  • Search for projects and events in the area
  • Discover opportunities to volunteer in your local community
  • Share ideas to improve your neighbourhood
  • Acknowledge and share resources and skills available within your community

 To access a help guide to assist with adding and editing your organisation’s details to the site, please visit the help link on the top left of the site.

For more information, visit the website or contact Nicole Collins, Manager Community and Cultural Life on:
Phone: (02) 4221 6170

S&K Interagency Minutes Thursday 12 April 2013

Held at North Kiama Neighbourhood Centre


  • Nikke Gladwin
  • Katie Murphy
  • Cheryl Pearce
  • Nicole Collins
  • Louise Croker
  • Nicole Collins
  • Sharon Parker
  • Greg Fisher
  • Jo English
  • Janine Cable
  • Megan Smith
  • Chris
  • Bertha Quiros
  • Meg McCaughley
  • Wal Forrester
  • Bonnie Hittmann
  • Andrew Chatfield
  • Kim Gadd
  • Rebecca Norwood
  • Nick Guggisberg
  • Jeremy Pragnell


  • Linda Robison, Department of Human Services
  • Sharon Hooker, COTA
  • Daniela Pyper, Department of Education
  • Kate Montague, Department of Sport and Recreation
  • Rod Chinnery, Shellharbour TAFE
  • Diana Proksch, Illawarra Multicultural Services
  • Anne Jarvis, WWIS
  • Elisa DallaValle, ISLHD
  • Danna Nelse, TRNAI
  • Lawrence Robinson, AHCS
  • Nathan Hider, Home Care
  • Sarah Little, ISLHD
  • Tammy Johnston, Cancer Council NSW

Interagency Minutes – April

S&K Interagency Meeting – 14 Feb 2013


  • Sharon Parker
  • Vanessa Ford
  • Kate Montague
  • Natalie Delves
  • Jeremy Pragnell
  • Julie Errey
  • Lynne Payne
  • Jessica Kearns
  • Carol Perry
  • Rod Chinnery
  • Nick Guggisberg
  • Meg McCaughey
  • Brian Pember
  • Charles Gibson
  • Lyn Lamb
  • Anthony Sierri
  • Kevin Cassageno
  • Tammy Johnston
  • Amanada Hill
  • Linda Robinson
  • Greg Fisher
  • JoAnne English
  • Gabi Martinez
  • Christa Thomas


  • Nathan Hider – AHCS
  • Robert Pinchin- Dementia Advisory Service
  • Megan Smith – St Vincent de Paul Society
  • Carol Lymbery – Barnardos South Coast
  • Tessa Parsons – Barnardos South Coast
  • Katie Murphy – Access Community Group
  • Nicky Sloan – Illawarra Forum
  • Nikke Gladwin – Healthy Cities Illawarra
  • Robert Miekle – Human Services
    Dianna Proksch – IMS
  • Elisa Dalla Valle – Kids Cottage
  • Elicia Ford – The Smith Family
  • Keith Wilson
  • Marlene Calleja

Think Tank Notes – February 2013

Who who’s when it comes to Advocacy

Advocacy Tips

Advocacy Tips

Aboriginal Community Health Workshop

NSW Public Sector – who’s who

Participation and Facility Program Guidelines

Christmas Interagency Meeting

Our December meeting was held at North Kiama Neighbourhood Centre, including a BBQ lunch. A big thank you to Sharon for hosting the meeting and being the hostest with the mostest, your support allowed everything to run so smoothly and easily, thank you!

Shellharbour & Kiama Interagency December Attendees and Apologies

After lunch we reviewed our achievements for 2012 and through some small group work came up with ideas of 2013

Our 2013 Interagency Wish List

Each group wrote their top four ideas on a balloon and all twelve balloons were released to take our wishes skyward. For those concerned about environmental damage please see below.

Are latex balloons biodegradable?
Latex is a 100-percent natural substance that breaks down both in sunlight and water. The degradation process begins almost immediately. Oxidation, the “frosting” that makes latex balloons look as if they are losing their color, is one of the first signs of the process. Exposure to sunlight quickens the process, but natural microorganisms attack natural rubber even in the dark.

Research shows that under similar environmental conditions, latex balloons will biodegrade at about the same rate as a leaf from an oak tree. The actual total degradation time will vary depending on the precise conditions.

Photos from the meeting are also posted on our Blog site so please have a look and post your comments. Photos

Here are the dates for 2013, 2013 Interagency Dates, make sure to put them in your diary today 🙂

Wishing you a very relaxing and healthy break over the Christmas holiday period and looking forward to seeing you all in 2013.

Louise and Nicole