Aurora Group’s Small Grants Round 2016

Now calling for applications.

The Aurora Group is a charity, raising funds for NSW-based initiatives that support, reach out to and provide innovative projects focused on LGBTIQ people. 

Each year, we hold events to raise funds for projects that might otherwise not receive funding across NSW.

Last year six grants were awarded to organisations across the state, and following the success of the 2016 Aurora Ball we hope to expand our reach into new organisations and communities with a larger grants program.

Organisations in your community can apply for Small Grants of up to $5,000.

Applications close on 21 October 2016.

Organisations wanting to apply but needing an extension should contact Joy Kyriacou | Director – Grants & Beneficiaries before 21 October 
Ph | 0412 084 782
Email |

All the necessary details on our 2016 Grants Round can be found on our website,, and if you require any further information I would be delighted to assist.


Red Ribbon Grant

Red RibbonWould your organisation like to apply for a Red Ribbon Grant to increase community conversations and awareness about HIV?

The HARP Unit is offering grants valued at up to $500(please discuss with us if you require more) for World AIDS Day

which is acknowledged internationally on December 1st.

Its easy to apply!

  1. Read the attached guide.
  2. Talk to the HARP Unit if you need to.
  3. Fill out the attached application form.
  4. Review the form with a member of the HARP Unit if you need to.
  5. Submit

Red Ribbon applications are open until Friday 30th September 2016.

Please send applications by email to: or Fax 4221 6722

HARPRed Ribbon Grantsguide 2016

Red Ribbon Application Form 2016