Yarndi and Pregnancy

Picture1We have found an increasing number of young Koori girls using Yarndi to help with morning sickness. So, this months topic is about Yarndi and Pregnancy.

It is recommended that pregnant women and their partners do not use yarndi due to the potential harmful effects on their developing baby.

Any form of smoking can disrupt the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the foetus, which can result in restrictions to the growth of the foetus (including overall length, foot length, head size and body weight), and in rare cases, premature birth, miscarriage and stillbirth.

For more information download the factsheets

QuitNow! App

2014-01-14 13_50_46-Quit for New Life enews - January - Message (HTML)QuitNow! is the most complete tool you will find in Google Play to quit smoking.

QuitNow! offers you real-time status, anytime, to help you cope with anxiety:

  • The time (days, hours, minutes) since the last cigarette of your life
  • How many cigarettes you have avoided
  • The money and time you have saved

Also, QuitNow provides information on your health improvement process, and an achievement list you will unlock one by one, as time passes, motivating you to achieve your goal.

Most important, QuitNow! is social: Share your status and achievements on the very App.

Create your profile and start chatting with other quitters! Get help, tips and tricks from others, make friends, and offer your own support, any time, and always in your own language … and also on Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Network!

Quit for you, quit for two is a smartphone app that provides support and encouragement to help women give up smoking. It aims to help women take their mind off the cravings with fun exercises and games to keep their hands busy. It distracts women when they feel the urge to light up, with practical quit tips and advice. It inspires women to keep going with amazing facts about the baby’s development. And, it gives women ideas for what they could buy with the money they are saving every day they don’t spend money on cigarettes.

The app can be personalised with your details so that you get daily reminders and words of encouragement. If women enter their quit date the app will automatically message them to let them know their baby’s growing. It’s a fun and practical way to quit and stay smoke-free for the health of the woman and the baby. The ‘Quit for you – Quit for Two’ app can be downloaded for free onto an iPhone or iPad from the Apple iTunes online store or for an android phone at Google Play store.

Quit for Baby

2014-01-14 13_46_43-Quit for New Life enews - January - Message (HTML)The Quit 4 Baby website provides information for clients including podcasts, information on the harms of smoking and how to quit.

Clients can ask questions and read stories from other women who have quit during pregnancy.

The Quit for Baby website was developed by the Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service and Links to Health.