Working with Adult Survivors of Complex Trauma : Professional Development for Health Professionals

Picture1Do you want to better support your complex trauma clients? Would you like to develop a foundation for your clinical work?

ASCA can help. ASCA’s Practice Guidelines for Treatment of Complex Trauma and Trauma Informed Care and Service Delivery and professional development training programs are nationally and internationally acclaimed.

Of attendees of this training in 2014, 97% of attendees felt more confident about working with survivors; 100% felt the learning objectives were met.

  • By participating in this professional development training participants will be able to:
  • Understand trauma, complex trauma; applying trauma-informed principles
  • Learn how trauma impacts attachment, development, coping strategies, health
  • Learn about the brain, stress response, neural integration and practice implications
  • Acquire the key principles for working with adult survivors
  • Understand the relationships between professional self-care and client safety; acquire self-care strategies

15 May 2015
Quest Campbelltown, 1 Rennie Road, Woodbine NSW 2560

28 May 2015
Adina Apartment, 19 Market Street, Wollongong NSW 2500