Hep B Training | Friday 28th March

The Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service in partnership with Healthy Cities Illawarra are offering a free hepatitis B workshop for CALD community workers

Hepatitis B is a virus that can cause liver damage and liver cancer.  The majority of the 218 000 people with chronic hepatitis B were born overseas.  About half don’t know they have it.  Without appropriate care and treatment up to 25% of people with chronic hepatitis B will die from complication of cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Raising awareness in our communities is vital to address this serious health issue.

This workshop will:

  1. Improve your knowledge and understanding of hepatitis B
  2. Increase your awareness of the impact of hepatitis B
  3. Provide an opportunity to discuss your role in increasing awareness of hepatitis B among CALD communities

For further details and to register follow the link or click on ‘Attend event’