Taking a Stand for Young Women

Illawarra Womens Health CentreIn only 6 days we have raised over $10,000, which is incredible!

A huge thank you to those who have supported us so far.

BUT it means we only have 4 days left to raise the remaining amount ($9,000), and be able to keep running this exceptional program – empowering young women to protect themselves against domestic violence (in all its forms), be mentally healthy and resilient and lead healthy sexual and reproductive lives.

It’s a highly successful program, which we have developed locally, working with young women in the more marginalised suburbs of the Illawarra – many of whom are at risk.

If you have liked or shared our facebook page thank you so much. Please consider also donating.

Every dollar counts – and your support now would be fantastic (and tax deductible!)

We know it’s an ambitious target  – but we believe we can do it.  With your help.

Click on the picture and have a look at the powerful video on the crowdfunding page – where the young women talk – in their own words – about the benefits of the program!



Show Me the Money | Income generating strategies for enterprising not-for-profits

As government budgets contract, the competition for what’s left in the pot heats up.

Donors start complaining about donor fatigue, you try to cut corners where you can, but still you never seem to have enough.

In such a climate, it’s a bit cheeky for us to ask you to part with some of your precious cash to attend training, but we’re doing so here because we truly believe this will be a wise investment.

Show Me the Money: Income generating strategies for enterprising not-for-profits will be held in Melbourne on Sunday, May 25 – the curtain-raiser to our Communities in Control Conference on May 26 and 27.

This highly practical skills day will be hosted by Our Community in conjunction with social enterprise specialists Social Traders and Australia’s leading crowdfunding platform Pozible.

This unique event is focused around providing new income streams for your organisation by:

  1. Setting up a social enterprise and/or
  2. Setting up a crowdfunding campaign.

It’s no magic bullet, mind you – we’ll give you the knowledge you need to get started but after that you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and do some work.

Key sessions of the skills day include:

  1. Get in the Driver’s Seat: The ‘what’ and ‘why’ of social enterprise
  2. Profit for Purpose: Hear from three community organisations that have successfully started social enterprises to generate trading revenue to support their social mission
  3. Generating Ideas: For those looking for a social enterprise idea
  4. Starting a Social Enterprise: for those who want to move their social enterprise idea into the next phase
  5. Supporting Social Enterprise in Your Community: For local governments and philanthropic organisations
  6. Financing and Legal Structures: What and when is appropriateAnything is Pozible! Crowd-sourcing funds for your not-for-profit venture

The cost of attending this event is $260 per person. If you have the will and the energy to put into practice even some of the ideas you take away, you’ll recoup that and much, much more.

Book your spot at the Not-for-Profit Skills Day: www.ourcommunity.com.au/cic2014