The Hopes and Dreams of Australian Young Mothers in Receipt of Income Support

Communities, Children and Families Australia (Queensland University of Technology – QUT)

Since the Labor Party came to government federally in 2007, it was concerned with addressing entrenched social and economic disadvantage. In its first term it adopted the concept of ‘social inclusion’, which has long been in use in the United Kingdom and other European Union nations (Jones & Smyth, 1999; Weiss, 2003).

It is used as a central organising principle for its social policy goal of building a “stronger, fairer nation”; one in which all Australians have the opportunity and support to fully participate in social and economic life (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009).

The agenda for change identified the need to build a fairer society in which, “those currently facing disadvantage have improved opportunities for education, health, work and wellbeing and that all Australians enjoy improved quality of life” (Commonwealth of Australia, 2009, p 5).

The profile of Australians acknowledged as most at risk of not fully accessing opportunities is similar to those in other OECD nations: children are high on the list, young children, Indigenous children and children whose parents are affected by mental health problems, family violence, substance use and/or homelessness.

Hopes and Dreams of Young Mothers on Income Support Research Paper

Rites of Passage | Commercial Screening

Exciting news! Rites of Passage is getting a commercial screening run at the Gala Cinema in Warrawong. Starting this Thursday 12th December, every day at 4:50 except Sun and Wed.

We are hoping you might be able to help us spread the word. It would be fantastic to make these screenings a success. It will encourage our cinemas to see that people will get behind locally made stories and films.

So please, pass on this email to your friends, colleagues, family and anyone else you might know. Encourage them to get and see this locally made film that has been getting screenings and awards at international film festivals and touring around Australia.

Here is the link to the Gala website where you can find more information and ticket prices. of passage

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Low Cost and Free Meals Directory Update | Survey

Picture3Kiama, Shellharbour and Wollongong Councils are currently updating the popular ‘Low Cost and Free Meals Directory’, and would value your ideas about how to make this resource as useful as possible.

The Directory provides information on where to find low cost or free meals, how to donate food, volunteering, and other services. It is currently a 70 page booklet, but there are lots of options for how to make this information more accessible.

You can also flag your interest in receiving bulk copies of the Directory when it is finalised, update your details or provide general comments.

Please follow this link to complete the quick and easy survey by the 30th of November:

As a special thank you, we have a copy of ‘Queen of the Sun’ to give away for one lucky respondent. The film looks at the plight of the honey bee, comes with community screening rights, and is an inspiring and dramatic look at restoring our balance with nature.  Find out more here


Any questions, or to provide direct feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. We really appreciate your input, and please forward widely through your networks

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage is a unique film made by a group of disadvantaged young people about their lives and it’s a film that is stimulating a dialogue about what is happening in the lives of young people today.

Rites of Passage is among the most remarkable and moving films produced in Australia in recent years – Evan Williams, film critic, The Australian

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