Creating Synergy 2016

SynergyMethamphetamine: Integrated care throughout the client journey

22 – 23 March 2016 | Sage Hotel, Wollongong

The conference will highlight the extent of the innovative work in treatment, early intervention and health promotion that is currently being carried out by the health, welfare and education sectors around methamphetamine use.

Registration and call for abstracts are now open

Shellharbour Communities for Kids | Feedback Needed

What is Shellharbour Communities for Children?

Communities for Children is a government funded initiative. It is coordinated by Barnardos and involves many local organisations to provide programs and services. The aim is to ensure that children in the Shellharbour area have the best start in life.

Communities for Children has a focus on prevention and early intervention approaches. These approaches bring about positive family functioning, safety and child development outcomes for children and their families in disadvantaged communities throughout Australia.

Why are we consulting with the community?

The committee that runs Communities for Children has agreed some priorities for funding over the next few years. We want to know what our community think of these priorities. We also want to ask you for ideas on the best way to support our local families and children.