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2014 National Indigenous Women Conference | 2014 National Indigenous Men’s Conference

Cairns 13- 15 October | Cairns on 13- 15 October

Indigenous Conference Services (ICS) is breaking new grounds with the establishment of the annual Indigenous Men’s and Women’s Conferences which was planned to be a yearly event sparking new interest from an unexpected vast number of Indigenous organizations from outside of Australia so much that international indigenous groups have shown keen interests in participating and registered for both the 2014 National Indigenous Men’s and Women’s Conferences in Cairns.

As such, ICS has taken the initiative position to invite a maximum of six international First Nation’s speakers at this year’s national event. This is not to say that our First nation’s brothers and sisters from overseas are not able to register as delegates and participate; in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Plans have been formulated to make both the men’s and women’s conferences to become full blown international events.

As such, expressions of interest are now being sought from community groups and individuals who would wish to be part of the organizing community however dates and venue for the 2015 World Indigenous Men’s Conference and the 2015 World Indigenous Women’s Conference has not been chosen at this point in time. Because of the federal government’s tough budgets, no funding will be sought from any funding bodies. The conferences will be self funded with the initial capital for the events coming from ICS itself.

Moreover, we believe a perfect platform has been established with grass-roots communities being the driving force for both the 2014 National Indigenous Men’s and 2014 National Indigenous Women’s Conferences.

To further encourage participation, a 25% discount on registration fees for the 2015 World Indigenous Men’s Conference and the 2015 World Indigenous Women’s Conference will be offered to delegates who attend this year’s event. We have many exciting guest speakers for the men’s and women’s conferences however we would like to highlight two great speakers to spark your interests.

STEVE WIDDERS is one of the motivational speakers at the 2014 Indigenous Men’s Conference. Steve is a descendant of the Anaiwan /Kamiloaroi people of Northern NSW (Armidale/Moree). He was declared medically and legally blind by the late Professor Fred Hollows at age 35. Steve will share his personal story of how he overcame severe depression, mental anguish, isolation and even suicidal ideation due to the restrictions and limitations which come with a disability. Though blind, Steve sees himself as a Man of Vision and prefers to talk of his Ability rather than his Disability. He walked the Kokoda Track in 2011 to honour Aboriginal soldiers who fought there during WW2 and rode a tandem bicycle between Brisbane and Sydney to promote men’s health and well being. Steve is one of the 2013 NSW Senior’s Week Ambassador, a member of the NSW Disability Council, the NSW Police Advisory Council and the National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC).

ANDREW THORP Men’s Project Manager Beyond Blue | Andrew Thorp, beyondblue’s Men,s Project Manager is responsible for Federal Government projects targeting men, including Man Therapy and the “Proppa Deadly” project targeting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The aim of these projects is to ‘encourage men to take action against anxiety and depression’. Andrew is heading towards 15 years’ experience in population health planning, with a particular interest in men and priority populations. In addition, Andrew has several years’ experience in the community broadcasting sector which assisted in informing the development of the “Proppa Deadly” project.

JIMMY PERRY Makin’ Tracks Project Officer Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc | Jimmy Perry is one of two Indigenous drug and alcohol workers in the Makin’ Tracks Project of Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc. He received a Masters of Indigenous Health (Substance Use). Jimmy’s heritage is Ngarrindjerri/ Arrernte. Jimmy’s main role is to travel to communities assisted by the Makin’ Tracks team in tackling and addressing substance misuse issues within the communities.

Furthermore, one of the exciting guest speakers for the 2014 Indigenous Women’s Conference is Statehood, Women’s HON. LINDA BURNEY Deputy Leader NSW Labor PartyShadow Minister, Family & Community Services; Early Childhood Education and Aboriginal Affairs New South Wales.Linda was elected Member for Canterbury in 2003, appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Training in 2005, joined Cabinet as Minister for Fair Trading, Youth and Volunteering in 2007, promoted Minister for Community Services in 2008 and in 2009 she was appointed Minister for the State Plan as well as Minister for Women.  She was also the Coordinating Minister for the Department of Human Services: the umbrella agency for the portfolios of community services, housing, ageing, disability and home care, juvenile justice and Aboriginal Affairs.

HANNAH TAIT NEUFELD, Banting Postdoctoral Research Fellow Indigenous Health Lab, Western University Canada For the past 20 years, Hannah has worked internationally with Indigenous women and children on the revitalization of traditional foods and medicines in northeastern Brazil and central Java, Indonesia. In southern Ontario, Canada, she has also assisted in the creation of a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to providing agricultural, environmental and cultural programs to children and families, and was the director of community development programming with the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

BERNADETTE L. PIZZEY, Author Ontario Indian Friendship Centre Canada Bernadette was born November, 1960 in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.  Bernadette is Metis.  She grew up in a German/Irish home and her biological father is Cree.  She attended North Island College in Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada and completed the “Office Administration,” “General Office Management” and “Legal Office Administration” certificates in the, “Business Technology Administrations” Program.  She also has a Social Welfare Certificate, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, and is currently completing her fourth year of the Bachelors in Social Work Degree at Algoma University in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario.  She is currently on field placement at the Ontario Indian Friendship Centre.  Upon completion of her Bachelors of Social Work Degree, she plans to pursue her Masters of Social Work. As and emerging scholar, she recently published her first book, “Traveling Truths: Highway Memoirs” (2013) and is working on her second book, “Traveling Truths: Bus People”.  Bernadette is passionate about her writing and is determined to fulfill her personal and academic aspirations.  She has surpassed many obstacles in her life and one of her favorite phrases is: “The abuser does not determine who I am, God does.”   The conference has many more great motivational speakers.

Indigenous Conference Services is also proud to host two great world conferences the 2014 World Indigenous Health Conference and the World Indigenous Domestic Violence Conference. Both conferences will be held in the heart of tropical Queensland, Australia at Cairns Pullman International Hotel, gate way to the Great Barrier Reef. We wish to extend a formal invitation to you and your organisation to take part in this extraordinary chance to present on a national and international stage. Each conference is designed to be an excellent tool in network building, information sharing and thought provoking discussions as well as aim to provide a culturally safe environment that people from all walks of life can participate in a frank and open forum.

The 2014 World Indigenous Domestic Violence Conference is designed to be the largest international gathering of Indigenous and non Indigenous peoples with an interest in stopping Domestic Violence within Indigenous communities. Our goal in hosting this conference is to highlight positive outcomes of various community programs that impacts Indigenous families on a day to day basis dealing with issues of domestic violence within our communities. full

The 2014 World Indigenous Health Conference is based upon the principal belief that indigenous health must be approached from a holistic view, which encumbers body, mind and spirit; thus, leading to the fundamental rights of self-determination. The conference recognizes that treating our health must be done by treating the whole person, through mind, body, soul and culture. No matter what your culture is, if you are a First Nations person, statistics show, health, education or the justice system is monstrously weighted against indigenous people. In today’s society, indigenous people have a varied lifestyle, ranging from inner-city to isolated communities.

For all the details about please visit the conference website or send us an email at For further information visit the event website

CAIRNS, QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA | World Indigenous Domestic Violence Conference 2014 | 8-10 December

World Indigenous Health Conference 2014 | 15th – 17th December