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Social Media Strategy in Action

Go behind the scenes with two local case studies from the Flagstaff Group and Illawarra Forum. Hear about the strategy, policy and people that drive their social media.

After the presentation there will be a 1 hour interactive session to problem solve, discuss innovation and increase knowledge around social media.

Date: Monday 7 November 2016
Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: Illawarra Forum, 106B Industrial Road, Oak Flats
Cost: FREE
Booking: Click here to book through trybooking

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Picture1HSNEt has been upgraded to a new website.

Regular Webinars will be hosted throughout 2015 commencing Wednesday 13 May to help user navigate the new site.

The Webinars are completely free, run for approximately 1.5 hours and cover:

  • searching and viewing services in the service directory.
  • exploring the HSNet ‘Dashboard’.
  • starting groups, posting to groups and sharing events.
  • creating and managing online referrals.

You can book into one of the scheduled Webinars by opening the calendar below and choosing the BOOK NOW link.

HSNet Support Calendar – Webinars 2015

Additional training materials will be available on the new site by choosing the Support link at the bottom of the HSNet page or the icon on each page to access Quick Reference Guides and help information.

If you have any questions contact HSNet on 02 9765 5260 or email


A Wide Len’s | Online Learning and Training Resource

A Wide Lens’ is a free on-line learning and training resource developed by Pete Slattery for the NSW Dept of Family & Community Services. It is intended for workers (and trainers) with children and young people.

It is a mapping tool, a holistic way of looking at those we work with. It presents a model of three worlds:

  • the internal world of the child or young person
  • the external world of the child or young person, and
  • the assets & resources of the helper, worker, the carer.

With videos and animations ‘A Wide Lens’ takes you through a series of questions to help identify what is terrific and what is less-so in a person’s world…and asks what we might be able to offer:

  • to add, strengthen, minimise or maximise in the worlds of the those we work with, and
  • asks also: what can we access from our own worlds to assist in this process?

CLICK HERE to find it

QuitNow! App

2014-01-14 13_50_46-Quit for New Life enews - January - Message (HTML)QuitNow! is the most complete tool you will find in Google Play to quit smoking.

QuitNow! offers you real-time status, anytime, to help you cope with anxiety:

  • The time (days, hours, minutes) since the last cigarette of your life
  • How many cigarettes you have avoided
  • The money and time you have saved

Also, QuitNow provides information on your health improvement process, and an achievement list you will unlock one by one, as time passes, motivating you to achieve your goal.

Most important, QuitNow! is social: Share your status and achievements on the very App.

Create your profile and start chatting with other quitters! Get help, tips and tricks from others, make friends, and offer your own support, any time, and always in your own language … and also on Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Network!

Quit for you, quit for two is a smartphone app that provides support and encouragement to help women give up smoking. It aims to help women take their mind off the cravings with fun exercises and games to keep their hands busy. It distracts women when they feel the urge to light up, with practical quit tips and advice. It inspires women to keep going with amazing facts about the baby’s development. And, it gives women ideas for what they could buy with the money they are saving every day they don’t spend money on cigarettes.

The app can be personalised with your details so that you get daily reminders and words of encouragement. If women enter their quit date the app will automatically message them to let them know their baby’s growing. It’s a fun and practical way to quit and stay smoke-free for the health of the woman and the baby. The ‘Quit for you – Quit for Two’ app can be downloaded for free onto an iPhone or iPad from the Apple iTunes online store or for an android phone at Google Play store.

Department of Fair trading Scam Buster App

unnamedBe scam wise – stay one step ahead of the con men with NSW Fair Trading’s free mobile app Scam Buster. In the app you can:

  • learn about current scams doing the rounds in Australia
  • get NSW Fair Trading’s expert tips on how to bust scams
  • report a scam
  • make a difference in the fight against con men.

Get Scam Buster – download the free app today!

iPhone version (requires iOS 4.0 or later)
Android version

If you have any comments or queries about Scam Buster, email us, quoting ‘Scam Buster’ in the subject:

SnapChat Revealed

iness_logoPopular new program snapchat has added a little sweetener to entice users across. This program allows the senders of video and photograph content to set a time limit on how long these files will exist when received by the end user. As an example a user sends a photograph to their friend with a ten second time limit and when received by their friend the file disappears from view after the time limit has expired. Snapchat advisers that the file disappears permanently, this is certainly not the case.

Independent studies have highlighted how simple it is to recover these files. The danger here obviously lies whereby a user sends a file through Snapchat purely operating under the pre-text that the file will disappear. As this becomes common knowledge, Snapchats appeal will definitely lessen. Thereby, in my opinion, giving it a very short shelf life. This situation needs to be brought to the attention of all users so they are fully aware of what this program is or isn’t capable of doing for them.

Even though most users will use this program as a novelty and no issues will be created, it is important for all users to appreciate where they stand. Whether using an Android or iPhone, the photos and videos can be recovered as highlighted in numerous “how to” Youtube videos, articles and blogs. To read one of these articles, click here.

Shellharbour Connect

Shellharbour Connect Banner 1‘Shellharbour Connect’ is a new online hub that allows community and sporting groups / organisations to list their details on an online community directory. The site is also a great opportunity to post information about upcoming projects, events, training and funding happening across the Shellharbour area.

However to make Shellharbour Connect a success we need people like you to use the site & spread the word! So we need Champions from the Community Services sector who will take on the role of maintaining & updating your services profile on the Shellharbour Connect page.

If you would like to become a Shellharbour Connect Champion we can provide extra training & support so you can get the most out of the website!

Please contact us at if you want to take this on role! Your community will thank you for it!