2014 Regional Wellbeing Survey

There’s still time to take part in the 2014 Regional Wellbeing Survey

The Regional Wellbeing Survey’s mission is to support research that improves the wellbeing and quality of life of people living in rural and regional Australia. To achieve this, we need to hear the views of all people living in rural and regional Australia.

Our 2014 survey is still open, but to be eligible to enter our prize draw, you need to complete the survey by 30 November (the survey as a whole remains open until December 14). Please consider participating, and forward this email to others who might be interested in the survey. Everyone aged 18 or over who takes part in the survey by November 30 can enter the draw to win one of nine prizes worth a total of $7,000.

Do the survey online at www.regionalwellbeing.org.au

Call 1800 981 499 if you’d like us to post you a paper survey, or for help with the survey.

This year, you can choose to do a short, regular or long version of the survey. People who choose to do a longer survey receive additional entries into the prize draw.

Your participation helps us produce data your community can use, as we produce results for every community from which we receive more than 100 responses. Many communities are now using the Regional Wellbeing Survey’s results as a key resource. To see last year’s results, click here.

The survey is voluntary, confidential and anonymous. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important study and sharing your valuable insights.