Illawarra Interagency | Christmas Fiesta Meeting

fiestaLooking Back, Looking Forward

We are celebrating a year of hard work in this amazing sector with a delicious Mexican feast and YOU deserve it.

We will be looking back at all the programs, projects and special community events of 2016 and engaging in networking activities to workshop what we want for our sector and the Interagency in 2017.

Lunch is only $10 (plus $1.44 processing fee)
numbers are limited

Thursday 1 December 2016
12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

The Cantina Mexican Restaurant
Central Hotel
3 Memorial Drive

Review of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009

Following a governance review in 2013, NSW Fair Trading is undertaking a statutory review of the Associations Incorporation Act 2009.

The aim of this review is to ensure the Act is working as intended. The issues raised in submissions to the governance review will be considered in this review.

We encourage associations and their members to have their say by completing the online survey available on the Fair Trading website.

The survey will close on 7 August 2015.

View the media release we have published on the review of the Act.

Illawarra Interagency | Quick Survey – It really is quick

Thank you to everybody who has responded so far. We have had some good feedback but we have also had a big range of feedback and thoughts in opposition to each other.

The more responses we get the better the picture we will have of how to move forward. Please help us make the best decisions we can for the Illawarra Interagency.

I promise it will only take 2-3mins

Interagency survey here

Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008 Review

The Government is taking submissions until 20th December, for the review of the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008 (the legislation that deals with how tobacco is sold in NSW).

This time last year, many of you worked on the audit of tobacco retailers. Our research shows there are over 9,500 places to buy tobacco in NSW – that’s 5 times as many places to buy prescription medications.

Evidence suggests that changing the retail availability would reduce the number of young people taking up smoking and help smokers who are trying to quit.

At the moment, any business can sell tobacco without prior approval. The only requirement is that the business complete an online form under the tobacco “Retailer Notification Scheme” (RNS) administered by the Government. Under the RNS, neither the community nor Government has any say over whether there are too many businesses selling tobacco in any given area or whether there are places where we think tobacco shouldn’t be sold (e.g close to our children’s schools).

But it doesn’t have to be this way. A positive tobacco retailer licensing scheme would enable some community standards and expectations to be applied to the selling of tobacco, similar to the licensing of alcohol outlets.

Our submission to the legislative review will focus on:

  • the need for “reducing availability and supply of tobacco” to become one of the stated aims of the act (Q2),
  • calling for the addition of a positive tobacco retailer licensing scheme as a provision of the act (Q3),
  • demonstrating how inadequate the RNS is as a record of who is selling tobacco and where (based on our research); and the problems this poses for effective monitoring of compliance with tobacco control legislation (Q6)


You can make your submission by 20th December:

The full discussion paper from the Government can be found here…

Click to access tobacco-act-review-discussion-paper.pdf

The discussion paper covers a broad range of issues, some you may feel strongly about while others you may not. We would encourage you to answer those you have a view on and explain your personal story or motivation for your position. Maybe you’re a smoker trying to quit or cut down, perhaps you’re a parent who hopes their child will never take up the habit, or perhaps you worked on the audit and saw the state of the data on retailers collected through the RNS. Whatever your motivation, we encourage you to have your say, and please flick us an email at once you’ve done so.

IMPORTANT: Some tips from our experience using the online submission portal…

1. There is no “submit” button so keep an eye on the scale at the bottom of the page as this will indicate how far through the submission process you are. When you are at 83% of the submission (Q 10) – it is the final question and page.

2. There are “back” the “next” buttons at the bottom so you can go through and change your answers if needed.