One for the Kids

Family Advocacy is an organisation that supports families of people with disability in order to promote and protect their rights. We will be presenting a workshop on inclusive education and advocacy in Shellharbour at the end of March

Date:                     Thursday 31 March 2016

Time:                     9:30am – 2:30 pm

Location:              The Shellharbour club

Cost:                      $15.00


Below is the promotional flier or alternatively you can view it online through their events page.

Rainbow Families Council

Rainbow TreeThe Rainbow Families Council (RFC) is a volunteer community organization based in Victoria, Australia. RFC supports and promotes equality for ‘rainbow’ families (parents and prospective parents who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, transgender or intersex, and their children).

The RFC aims to share information and resources to support families, children and prospective parents; work for social and legal recognition for our children and families; speak out about the diverse realities of our lives; represent the best interests and rights of children living in rainbow families, parents and prospective parents to government and non-government bodies; and encourage families to be visible and proud.

CLICK HERE for more information about the Rainbow Families Council