@ppreciate | Online Tool

2014-03-06 09_54_43-QW_march_14_final_1_.pdf - Adobe Reader@ppreciate is an online tool to promote positive body image between young people The Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre has developed @ppreciate, an online tool designed to allow young people to customize their choice of quote or compliment as a unique visual image to share with their

The web tool taps into existing digital behavior of young people aged 12–17, who commonly share inspirational quotes with each other through social networks and complement each other’s physical and personality traits through public praise online.

Friends and peers are the key influencers on the self-esteem and body image of young people. Research has shown that that they want to feel inspired and accepted by their peers, and that they want to help their friends feel good too.

The messages in @ppreciate were written or influenced by young people through a series of workshops. They aim to help young people appreciate and value themselves and their peers, to bolster each other’s self-esteem and to provide reassurance.

This campaign is the second of the five-year ‘Safe and Well Online’ project, which aims to create positive behavior change and inspire greater respect online among young Australians.

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