A Wide Len’s | Online Learning and Training Resource

A Wide Lens’ is a free on-line learning and training resource developed by Pete Slattery for the NSW Dept of Family & Community Services. It is intended for workers (and trainers) with children and young people.

It is a mapping tool, a holistic way of looking at those we work with. It presents a model of three worlds:

  • the internal world of the child or young person
  • the external world of the child or young person, and
  • the assets & resources of the helper, worker, the carer.

With videos and animations ‘A Wide Lens’ takes you through a series of questions to help identify what is terrific and what is less-so in a person’s world…and asks what we might be able to offer:

  • to add, strengthen, minimise or maximise in the worlds of the those we work with, and
  • asks also: what can we access from our own worlds to assist in this process?

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