Testing for HIV at home

NSW Health is committed to ending HIV by 2020 and has made new HIV testing options available to ensure our communities have easy access to testing, early treatment and prevention.

You can help end HIV by using this social media toolkit to promote HIV home testing.

The toolkit includes materials and guidelines on how you can promote the new Dried Blood Spot (DBS) HIV Home Test in your social media campaigns.

The HIV home testing kit is an exciting new development that makes testing easy, reliable and confidential by allowing people to order a free testing kit online, do the test in the privacy of their home and send it to a laboratory for testing.

The free kit can be ordered at http://www.hivtest.health.nsw.gov.au

An estimated 26 444 people in Australia are living with HIV. Nearly one in ten people are not aware they have the virus and may unknowingly pass the virus to others.

Today’s treatments are very effective and mean those living with HIV can live long and healthy lives. That’s why access to easy, reliable and regular HIV testing is very important.

Help start conversations on social media and raise community awareness about how easy it is to test for HIV.

Download and share the social media toolkit (available in English, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese) from the Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service (MHAHS) website or simply use the attached file.

We recommended you create a post on social media once a week for the next two weeks.

If you have any questions about using the toolkit please contact David Clune, Social Media Consultant, Davidmjc@gmail.com

For more information about DBS HIV home testing visit http://www.hivtest.health.nsw.gov.au or call Sexual Health InfoLink on 1800 451 624.


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