Paint the Gong REaD: Book Boxes Project

What are Book Boxes?

Book boxes are containers that hold second hand books targeted for children under school age. They are placed in areas where parents often have to wait or be with children. It gives children an opportunity to look at books, and from the parent’s perspective, a reminder about reading with their child. The Service Provider may well see it as a welcome distraction tool too!


Book boxes are great ways to provide pre loved books in everyday places around a community.

It is a way for everyone to see that reading with children can happen anywhere, and provides the means to make it happen.

By providing opportunities for children to read or be read to, this boosts our simple message of the importance of early literacy strategies in relation to brain development and preparing children for school.

How many books in a box?

There are somewhere between 10 – 20 books per box

Where do we get the books from?

Our books have been donated by St Vincent De Paul, and residents from the community.

Does it matter if the books disappear?

No! Because it means children may be taking them home to read.

So that the ‘borrowing’ does not inadvertently teach children that it is OK to take anything, we put signage on the box that says: If you would like to take a special book home, please ask the staff.


Our book boxes are evaluated at the end of every school term. This is done by gathering data on how many books are left in the box and any other observations or notes from the service provider regarding interaction with the box.

When books are running low or you need more information sheets please call Tracey Kirk-Downey @ Wollongong City Council on 42277158 Or email on

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