Caring for a child with a disability


Goodstart have people working on resources that staff can use to stay engaged with their children who are not attending the centre and for parents. They have already had 10,000 sign ups to this and are working hard to increase the resources https://www.goodstart.org.au/goodstart-at-home/subscribe

Southern Youth and Family Services

RIPE Mentoring – Online Virtual Mentoring

RIPE Mentoring response to the Australian epidemic. Let’s keep learning fun, exciting and social. 

With many Australian parents deciding to keep their children home from harm’s way of the COVID-19 outbreak. RIPE is here to support families where it matters most and offer you children online virtual mentoring. 

Our RIPE mentor program is an online experience to keep kids socially, emotionally and educationally connected. For more information please refer to the attached flyers. Enquire now for your students, clients, children or community at admin@ripementoring.org

First Floor Program

First Floor Program continues to offer weekly support groups for families impacted by loved ones’ substance misuse, mental health issues, contacts with the justice system, and those bereaved by suicide. These can be accessed through regular posts on our Facebook page (search First Floor Program Salvation Army).

Commencing: Wednesday, April 29, (6:00-8:00pm), a FREE 12-week Program for family members and carers of loved ones who experiences BPD, BPD symptoms or emotional dysregulation, will also be conducted on line.

The Family Connections program is designed to provide parents, spouses, adult children, and siblings the knowledge and skills that will be helpful to them for their own wellbeing in living with a relative with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The program also helps those relatives build a support network with other individuals with a relative with BPD.

Early Learning & home schooling help

There are a number of activities that are available online from the Early Start Discovery Space.

Starting next week there will also be one on one workshops for children birth to 10 years.

Further information https://www.earlystartdiscoveryspace.edu.au/discovery-at-home/

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