Young People

Are you looking for high-quality virtual youth engagement program?

Videos for Change is launching an online program, which will engage, empower and inspire your young people through an interactive virtual experience, run by High Resolves professional facilitators.

Videos for Change is a real-world, youth-led, project-based social advocacy project in which young people create one-minute videos on issues they feel passionate about. 

In a time of isolation and uncertainty, young people are looking for an opportunity to influence positive change. The 2020 Australian National Videos for Change competition will launch in May, asking Australian high school students to consider the question, “What does ‘community’ mean in a crisis?”

The Videos for Change Online Program will empower the young people you support to get involved and contribute to a national conversation on issues that affect us all.  

Videos for Change Online Program

  • fully digital, end-to-end experience run by High Resolves facilitators to guide young people through the Videos for Change experience in partnership with youth workers or teachers
  • Online project-based learning that can be aligned with the Australian and state-based curriculum of English, Humanities and Media or can be embedded as part of a Wellbeing Program
  • Hear what teachers have to say about Videos for Change

Videos for Change is brought to you by the award-winning Citizenship and Leadership Program, High Resolves

Now in its 19th year, the Mission Australia Youth Survey continues to be the largest annual survey of young people of its kind in Australia. 

The Youth Survey enables young people to share their values, challenges and ambitions and to ‘speak up’ about the issues that they care about. It is widely used by Governments, NGOs and community groups to develop policies and youth programs.

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