Loneliness – What we can do 

Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia was experiencing a loneliness epidemic.
It still is.
The risk of increased loneliness and social isolation at this time is concerning. While it is vital we adhere to physical distancing and other public health rules, we also need to prioritise maintaining healthy social connections and relationships, as this is so important to good mental and physical health.

Are they really OK? Ask them today.

R U OK?Day is next month on Thursday 9 September.

Do you know how the people in your world are really going?

Life’s ups and downs happen to all of us. So chances are someone you know might be struggling. Your genuine support can make a difference whatever they are facing, big or small. 

Don’t wait until someone’s visibly distressed or in crisis. Make a moment meaningful and ask them how they’re really going. 

Are they really OK? Ask them today. Your conversation could change a life. 

R U OK? has developed FREE resources to help you encourage everyone in your school, workplace and community to think about who in their world might need to be asked how they’re really going and how to make a moment meaningful by asking “are you OK?”

Camping for a cause 

Time for Kids Camp Out is a long weekend of camping fun!

Whether under the stars or in your very own living room, you are invited to Camp Out with your team this October! From now until Camp Out, you can help raise funds to enrich the lives of South Australian kids.

Time for Kids match children with volunteer families and individuals who willingly give their time, care and support. These relationships and supports complement children’s existing family structures.

Time for Kids has matched and assisted more than 5000 children and their families since 1960.
Camping for a cause is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Register online and set a fundraising goal. Decide where you want to Camp Out on 2-4 October 2021.

2. Get sponsored. In the lead-up to October, ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you/your team.

3. Camp Out! Over the long weekend, pitch a tent, complete challenges and have fun! Upload photos to your fundraising page and share on social media with #TimeforKidsCampOut2021.
Help raise funds for the Time for Kids program that truly changes kids’ lives.
Register today! 

Home life during the pandemic  

Sixteen months since public health restrictions were introduced in Australia, and twelve months since Relationships Australia completed our “COVID-19 and its effects on relationships” series, we re-introduced our monthly survey to explore the ongoing effects COVID-19 is having on people’s home life. The key findings are shown above and you can read the full report here.

Relationships Australia is also proud to be continuing its association with the University of Worcester and Relate in the United Kingdom, and Griffith University Australia, in an independent international long-term research study exploring the impact the pandemic is having on families and relationships.

Phase 2 of this important study is now live, and we encourage all Australians to add their voice, by completing the survey, here.

You can also read about some of the preliminary findings from Phase 1, including some of the different ways the impacts have been felt internationally in our latest blog here.

Coping with COVID-19  

During a period of high stress and pressure for many families, couples and individuals it can be hard to know what to do. Here are a few resources to help.
Relationships Australia Western Australia has developed some resources which may help guide you through this difficult time.
Relationships Australia Victoria also has easy-to-read resources and tip sheets developed specifically to help you navigate the challenges you might be facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our friends at Ending Loneliness Together have compiled ‘10 tips to Staying Connected in Lockdown’. 

More days to connect … from a distance or virtually

There are good (and often important!) reasons to connect every single day.

Here are a few to help get you started. And remember, every day is neighbour day!
August 15-23                     National Science Week
August 16-22                     Keep Australia Beautiful Week
August 21-27                     Book Week
August 25                          National Meals on Wheels Day
August 29 – 4 Sep             Legacy Week
September 1-30                Dementia Awareness Month
September 1-30                Liptember [women’s health care month]
September 1-30                Foster Care Month
September 1-30                Social September
September 2-8                  National Landcare Week
September 5                     Father’s Day
September 5-11                National Child Protection Week
September 6-8                  Rosh Hashanah
September 6-10                Women’s Health Week
September 7                     Threatened Species Day
September 9                     R U OK?Day
September 10                   World Suicide Prevention Day
September 15-16              Yom Kippur – Jewish day of atonement
September 17                   Australian Citizenship Day
September 17-19              Clean up the World Weekend
September 19                   Talk like a Pirate Day

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