ACON Regional Community Survey Snapshot Launch

Join us as we launch the results of the ACON Regional Community Survey Snapshot.

ACON Regional staff and survey designers will be on hand to relay results back to our community and will talk about plans for future work in our regions.

When: Wednesday 22nd September at 6.30pm

Where: ZOOM (link emailed to you once you have registered)

Use this link to register: https://www.aconhealth.org.au/arcs

It’s Time to Think Positive about HIV

Think Positive is an HIV stigma campaign. Through this campaign, we tried to take a different approach to traditional stigma campaigns. We flipped the narrative from a focus on the harms caused by HIV stigma to instead celebrate ally ship between PLHIV and the HIV negative people in our lives. As such, this “stigma” campaign is inspirational and gives some practical ways that everyone can contribute towards ending HIV stigma together.

You are more than welcome to share our post on your own social media platforms. https://fb.watch/7TQuSMSFXs/

You can read more about the campaign via the press release here.

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