Healthy Cities Illawarra

We are very excited to launch our first crowdfunding campaign to help us purchase additional portable water stations.  Donations are tax deductible and we are hoping that you can help us by making a donation and helping to find other contributors who share our passion for combatting plastic pollution as well as combatting the detrimental health effects of sugary drinks! 

We currently have one unit and the demand is definitely increasing from community event organisers! 

We want to promote drinking water because it has zero sugar, zero calories and is the best for keeping hydrated. Single use plastic bottles create litter and ends up as waste on our beaches, creeks, oceans or landfill. The production of plastic contributes to climate change and the consumption of sugary drinks contributes to lots of chronic health diseases.

Check out our campaign, please share, and chip in!  A tax deductible receipt will be issued.

Toilet Paper

Quilton are donating toilet paper to elderly and vulnerable people – even if organisations aren’t eligible to receive the donation – maybe they can register their community with Quilton so that they know some isolated people and communities might not have access to shops with toilet paper.

Hope this helps


Suicide Prevention Collaborative

COVID-19 Supports & Resources

A number of supports and resources have been set up to help people who may be struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help people find information about these supports, we have set up a COVID-19 Supports & Resources section on the Collaborative’s website.

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